"Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears"

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Zone Fighter Episodes
Strike! Garoga's Underground Base
Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears
Attack King Ghidorah!
"Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears"
Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears
Series Zone Fighter
Directed by Ishiro Honda
Written by Shozo Uehara
Air date 7:00pm (JST) April 23, 1973

"Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears" (来襲!ガロガ大軍団~ゴジラ登場~,   Raishū! Garoga Dai Gundan ~Gojira Tōjō~) is the fourth episode of Zone Fighter.


Hotaru spots a red meteor while watching the stars one night. While helping her search for any Garoga agents lurking around the landing site, Takeru is attacked by a remote control plane. He gets the jump on the plane's controller, who turns out to be Sachio, an old friend of Hotaru and fellow survivor of the destruction of Peaceland. To her dismay, the other members of the Zone Family give him a cold reception.

As Hikaru and Hotaru drive Sachio home, a Terror-Beast Missile explodes nearby, releasing Wargilgar. Hikaru confronts the monster as Zone Fighter. Just before the hero can deal the finishing blow, Sachio fires a ray gun at Wargilgar and appears to disintegrate him. Yoichiro remains skeptical of his intentions, suspecting that he may be a disguised Garoga.

Sachio spends the night at the Zone Family's house, but is nowhere to be found the next day. Hotaru finds a letter in his room saying that he left due to her family's suspicions, and as a favor, "fixed all the toys here for you." When she opens his music box, the miniature tanks, planes, and robots throughout the room begin to open fire on the Zone Family, injuring Hikaru's shoulder. Sachio, who is indeed a Garoga agent, taunts the family through their TV set and unleashes Wargilgar on Tokyo. The JSDF's fighter planes and tanks halt the monster's advance momentarily, but his ranged weapons dispatch them. Hikaru flies into the television and emerges in Tokyo as Zone Fighter. At the same time, Hotaru tracks Sachio down. After he attempts to persuade her to join him, she shoots him, causing him to revert back into his Garoga form. As Zone Angel, she struggles to hold him off even with the aid of Zone Junior, and he transforms into the giant Spyler as they retreat. His shoulder still injured, Zone Fighter's situation appears hopeful.

At Zone Junior's suggestion, Zone Angel uses a Zobot drone to call Godzilla, who appears promptly. Together, the duo manages to overcome the alien invaders; Godzilla immolates Wargilgar with his atomic ray and Zone Fighter obliterates Spyler with a Meteor Missile Might/Proton Beam combo.



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