Mysteries of Godzilla Island

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Mysteries of Godzilla Island
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Mysteries of Godzilla Island
Torema and Lucas talk
Series Godzilla Island
Episode # 64-68
Directed by Shun Mizutani
Written by Takahiko Masuda
Air date January 5-9, 1998

Mysteries of Godzilla Island (ゴジラアイランドの謎編,   Gojira Airando no Nazo-hen) is the eighth story arc of the 1997 television series Godzilla Island. Written by Takahiko Masuda, it comprises the series' 64th through 68th episodes, which aired from January 5 to 9, 1998.


No. Title card Title
Air date
Television YouTube
Godzilla Island 064.png
"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 1"
(ゴジラアイランドの (なぞ)1)
January 5, 1998 October 12, 2023
Godzilla Island 065.png
"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 2"
(ゴジラアイランドの (なぞ)2)
January 6, 1998 October 17, 2023
Godzilla Island 066.png
"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 3"
(ゴジラアイランドの (なぞ)3)
January 7, 1998 October 19, 2023
Godzilla Island 067.png
"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 4"
(ゴジラアイランドの (なぞ)4)
January 8, 1998 October 24, 2023
Godzilla Island 068.png
"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 5"
(ゴジラアイランドの (なぞ)5)
January 9, 1998 October 26, 2023


"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 1"

Watching Godzilla, Junior, and Mothra Leo play, Torema remarks to Lucas that it's been a long time since Zagreth attacked them. He wonders if, like Commander Beisuke Jinguji, who's visiting his hometown, she's on vacation. Torema wonders where he's from and if he's married, but Lucas has no answers to give. She then asks about the number of people who work on the island - about 150, Lucas answers - and then asks why she's hardly seen any of them. She explains to Lucas that for as much time as she's spent on Godzilla Island, she still doesn't know a lot about it. Lucas responds that he still has a lot of questions about her and Zagreth, and they agree to trade information. He asks why she teleported into the G-Guard base when she first arrived on the island, but hasn't done so since. She replies that she only did so because she didn't have a permit; while the Panna Torte does have a teleporter, its range is limited and its use of energy immense. Zagreth's teleporter is more powerful. Lucas asks for more information about the Xilien next.

"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 2"

Torema elaborates that the teleporter on the Vabaruda allows Zagreth to make long jumps instantaneously. Lucas asks why she doesn't attack Godzilla Island with her kilometer-wide spaceship directly; Torema answers that the range on its beam cannons is limited, which would leave it open to counterattacks if it descended. She adds that it can only attack downward, being built for air-to-ground raids; however, since the top of the ship is so resilient, attacks should still be directed at its underbelly. Lucas praises the firepower on the Panna Torte, and she agrees, saying its cannons are on par with those on the Vabaruda, although she regrets that they had no effect on Hedorah. Lucas prepares another question, but Torema says it should be her turn now. She asks for information about Mechagodzilla and MOGUERA.

"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 3"

Torema asks if Mechagodzilla and MOGUERA are typically piloted by G-Guard engineers, as she and Jinguji have only controlled them on occasion. Lucas answers that both mechs can act autonomously while following Jinguji's orders. He adds that he's more intelligent than either of them, recalling that they still obeyed Jinguji while Zagreth was controlling him. Lucas asks where she keeps the swords she once used to duel Zagreth. She answers that they're usually on the Panna Torte, as she finds her blaster more reliable, although it can't do more than render someone unconscious. Lucas is surprised, believing she always carried lethal weapons. Next, Torema wants to know more about Godzilla Island itself.

"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 4"

Lucas takes them to the briefing room to explain all the locales on Godzilla Island. Its size is comparable to Awaji Island. Their base is near the western shore. Mt. Gaira, to its right, stands 1,000 meters above sea level. Godzilla's fight with Gigan took place on the Sanda Plains. Rodan's Hot Spring is on the volcano's north side, with a maximum depth of 70 meters. Baragon created the spring with his tunneling abilities - in addition, Jinguji once nearly drowned in it. The Monster Temple where Godzilla trained for his rematch with Gigan is closer to the mouth of the volcano. Lucas questions why Godzilla hasn't demonstrated the ability to bend his atomic breath since; Torema answers that he told her it requires too much mental power. Lucas next points out Mt. Gorath, where Mothra perished, then, in rapid succession, Mothra's Cave, Anguirus's Valley, Gorosaurus's Villa, Baragon's House, King Caesar's Forest of Awakening, and Godzilla's Cave.

"Mysteries of Godzilla Island 5"

Lucas asks Torema why she originally came to Earth, making her realize he never saw the "final message" she recorded for Jinguji. She plays it for him, recounting the destruction of Planet Torendeiru at the hands of Zagreth. Her visit to Earth was to both exact revenge on Zagreth and meet Godzilla, who reminded her of Jigora, her best monster friend, on her homeworld. Junior calls out to her to play and she departs. Lucas is left pondering the many other mysteries of Godzilla Island - and why Torema gets to goof off while he doesn't.


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