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Godzilla Island story arcs
Junior Kidnapped
Gigan prepares to fire an arrow from his eye
Series Godzilla Island
Episode # 31-40
Directed by Shun Mizutani
Written by Takahiko Masuda
Air date November 17-28, 1997

Gigan (ガイガン編,   Gaigan-hen) is the fifth story arc of the 1997 television series Godzilla Island. Written by Takahiko Masuda, it comprises the series' 31st through 40th episodes, which aired from November 17 to 28, 1997.


No. Title card Title
Air date
Television YouTube
Godzilla Island 031.png
"Monster for Rent"
(怪獣 (かいじゅう) ()します)
November 17, 1997 June 20, 2023
Godzilla Island 032.png
"He's Strong!"
(こいつは (つよ)い!)
November 18, 1997 June 22, 2023
Godzilla Island 033.png
"A Bad Feeling"
(イヤな予感 (よかん))
November 19, 1997 June 27, 2023
Godzilla Island 034.png
"A Loooooong Battle"
(なが~い決闘 (けっとう))
November 20, 1997 June 29, 2023
Godzilla Island 035.png
"Match Settled!"
(勝負 (しょうぶ)アリ!)
November 21, 1997 July 4, 2023
Godzilla Island 036.png
"Godzilla, Dead?!"
(ゴジラ ()す!?)
November 24, 1997 July 6, 2023
Godzilla Island 037.png
"Surely This Time!"
(今度 (こんど)こそ!)
November 25, 1997 July 11, 2023
Godzilla Island 038.png
"The Night Before the Final Showdown"
(決戦 (けっせん)前夜 (ぜんや))
November 26, 1997 July 13, 2023
Godzilla Island 039.png
"King Caesar's Conviction"
(キングシーサーの確信 (かくしん))
November 27, 1997 July 18, 2023
Godzilla Island 040.png
"Behold the Miraculous Secret Technique!"
( ()よ!驚異 (きょうい)必殺技 (ひっさつわざ))
November 28, 1997 July 20, 2023


"Monster for Rent"

Reading the Xilien Gazette, Zagreth fumes at an article criticizing her failed attempts to conquer Earth. She notices a cockroach scurrying around the Vabaruda controls and prepares to smash him with the newspaper, but he suddenly speaks, revealing himself as an M Space Hunter Nebula Alien. He offers her the use of the cyborg Gigan if she saves the ten billion Nebulans aboard a nearby ship. She agrees, but only if Gigan can best Godzilla. Gigan materializes at the command of the Nebulan and flies towards Earth.

"He's Strong!"

Gigan closes in on Godzilla Island. Torema returns to G-Guard headquarters after birdwatching, having picked up the hobby in the time since Zagreth's last attack. Her fishing plans are interrupted by Gigan's arrival, who Lucas identifies as a challenging opponent Godzilla faced in the 20th century. Gigan analyzes Godzilla with his robotic eye and passes over Torema in the Panna Torte, then returns to space. The Nebulan explains to a baffled Zagreth that after sizing up Godzilla, Gigan is mentally rehearsing their upcoming fight.

"A Bad Feeling"

From space, Gigan fires a giant arrow from his eye that lands in front of Godzilla. Tied around it is a note formally challenging the King of the Monsters at sundown. Lucas remarks how old-fashioned the cyborg is. King Caesar tries to convince Godzilla to back out of the duel, but he refuses to show weakness. Godzilla and Gigan stare each down across an open plain.

"A Loooooong Battle"

Torema is suspicious of Gigan's challenge, but no other villainous monster reveals itself as Godzilla and Gigan stare each other down. Zagreth briefly nods off as night falls, but the Nebulan insists that once they finally see fit to strike, the battle will be over in an instant. At dawn, Gigan reflects sunlight off his metal claw, blinding Godzilla, and the cyborg charges forward.

"Match Settled!"

Godzilla recovers just before Gigan reaches him, causing the space monster to leap back to his starting position. Impatient, Zagreth orders Battra into action. Gigan fires a laser from his eye, seemingly at Godzilla, but he dodges and it hits Battra instead. The Nebulan explains that Gigan is too honorable to another monster to intervene, which Zagreth finds pretentious. Both heroes and villains resume watching the monsters in anticipation. A nearby rockslide prompts them both to race at each other and land a single blow. After a moment, Godzilla collapses.

"Godzilla, Dead?!"

Commander Beisuke Jinguji is stunned by Godzilla's loss, while Torema begs him to stand up. Mothra swoops down, covering Gigan with sparkling powder. Rodan airlifts Godzilla to his hot springs. The Nebulan explains to Zagreth that Gigan didn't finish Godzilla off out of respect for his most challenging opponent.

"Surely This Time!"

King Caesar joins a recovering Godzilla in the hot springs. Gigan approaches them, and they prepare for a fight. But he simply takes a dip in the hot springs himself, explaining that he spared Godzilla because he also landed a clean hit, making their fight a draw. He proposes a rematch, to which Godzilla agrees.

"The Night Before the Final Showdown"

With three days to prepare, Godzilla meditates under King Caesar's direction to learn a new technique. The shisa proves a strict teacher, berating Godzilla for falling asleep. Torema wishes on a shooting star for Godzilla to emerge victorious. The following day, Godzilla and Gigan square off again.

"King Caesar's Conviction"

Zagreth braces for another long standoff, but the Nebulan is confident that this round will conclude quickly. King Caesar assures the other monsters of Godzilla Island that Godzilla will be able to handle the fight by himself. Godzilla closes his eyes to concentrate as he emits a green and red aura.

"Behold the Miraculous Secret Technique!"

The Nebulan pleads with Gigan to retreat in the face of Godzilla's obvious power. Godzilla fires his atomic breath into the air; when Gigan advances, it bends in midair to strike the cyborg from behind. Godzilla then unleashes a spinning tail whip which knocks Gigan to the ground. The other Earth monsters swarm around Godzilla to celebrate his victory, and he silently thanks King Caesar for his training. Zagreth squashes the Nebulan with her newspaper and vows to carry out her next scheme herself.


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  • When Godzilla and Gigan are first staring each other down, Lucas comments that the motionless monsters "look like plastic toys"; both are, in fact, portrayed by Bandai figures.


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