Snake in the Grass

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Kong: King of the Apes Episodes
The Adventure Begins
Snake in the Grass
Kong in 3D
Snake in the Grass
Snake in the Grass
Series Kong: King of the Apes
Episode # 2
Directed by Monotori Sakakibara, Hiroshi Uchibori
Written by Ken Pontac, Sean Catherine Derek
Air date April 15, 2016

Snake in the Grass is the second episode of the 2016 Japanese-American Netflix original animated children's series Kong: King of the Apes. It featured the debut of series regular Francisca.


After Danny spent a morning trying to teach Kong to deflect projectiles with the new armbands Jonesy had given him, Lukas received word from Anita that her great niece Francisca had been attacked by a Giant Anaconda in Mexico. Richard, who had been listening in on Anita's conversation wanted to take the snake and make it into a powerful Biono-bot. Lukas and Jonesy originally had Danny and Kong stay behind as they went to rescue the girl, but he grabbed onto their helicopter's skids as it flew out over a cliff. Danny then climbed into the cabin, and convinced them to take the two along. First, Jonesy had to return to base to fit Kong with a harness that would allow him to be comfortably transported by dangling from a cable beneath the flying vehicle. When they located the snake by following the signal from the girl's swallowed phone, they were met by Botila riding a Biono-bot pterodactyl, with two others alongside her. The two unmanned robots attacked Kong while Botila went after the anaconda. Kong swatted at the foes before unstrapping from his harness and crushing one under his feet while Lukas restrained another with Jonesy's new laser net gun. Kong then used his amrbands to reflect a laser attack from Botila's pterodactyl back into it, and she retreated. They then spent the afternoon searching for the girl before the snake resurfaced and she came running, begging them not to hurt it. After arranging with Anita that Francisca would come to live with them in San Francisco, the thugs Bragg and Wheeler on another pterodactyl accompanied by a Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus arrived to try and take the snake away. Kong was able to destroy the tyrannosaurus, but the pterodactyl set the jungle on fire, distracting Kong and the team long enough to escape with the anaconda in tow. Kong put out the fire by spraying river water on it with his mouth, and they returned to San Francisco at incredibly reduced speed due to Kong's weight on the flight down having drained the ship's battery. With the spare recharging as they returned, the team arrived that night at Richard's base on Alcatraz Island, where he had just finished converting the immense snake into a remote controlled cyborg. He sent her out to attack Kong, and she began constricting, biting, and electrocuting the ape all at once, while he struggled to fight back without hurting her. During the struggle, he sent Botila and another tyrannosaurus to defeat Jonesy and Lukas, but they were both defeated. As they fought, Danny and Francisca watched from the helicopter, and got the idea to short out the power source of the anaconda's cyborg implants by making her swallow the chopper's spare battery. Kong shoved the battery into the snake's jaws, and she swallowed it, putting her to sleep nearly immediately. Lukas and Jonesy put her in the helicopter while Kong took the kids back to the forest. By morning, Amy Quon had removed all of the snake's implants, and the rescue workers prepared to release her back into the wild where Richard would never find her. On seeing Francisca's slime covered phone which Amy had retrieved, Kong projectile snotted on everyone.




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