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Kong: King of the Apes Episodes
The Primordial World Below
Series Kong: King of the Apes
Episode # 13
Directed by Monotori Sakakibara
Written by Dennis Haley & Marcy Brown
Air date April 15, 2016

Missing is the thirteenth and final episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


Kong plays with the Gorillas he found, while Lukas Remy, Danny Quon, and Francisca search for him. Francisca then receives a call from her aunt Anita that a volcano in their area may soon erupt. Nearby, a news team oversees the eruption, and the reporter is quite eager for the rewards of covering such a dangerous event. Botila intercepts their transmission, ans she and Richard Remy head to Africa to find Kong. Danny converses with some chimps, and they tell them which way Kong went, but when they get there, they are captured by Gorillas. Kong saves them, much to the other Gorillas' disappointment, and they are swarmed by Biono-bots and News camera drones. Richard advises the news team to vacate the premises, but when they refuse he disables their Helicopter with an EMP blast, and Kong narrowly saves them from crashing. In the struggle, Botila stole away the baby Gorilla and took it to the top of the volcano, She drops the baby in, causing Kong to leap in after it. He avoids being burned by climbing out of the volcano's mouth, but is then swarmed by Biono-bot Pterodactyls. Lukas rescues the baby, and leaves Kong to fight. He defeats all of the Biono-bots except for Botila's mount, which blasts the ground beneath Kong, and sends him into the volcano. Lukas prepares to send the kids home and fly down to see if Kong is alive, but they are attacked by Richard, who knocks them into the volcano. Francisca and Danny's jetpacks are dead, and the three of them are too heavy for Lukas to fly them out. As they fall, they see light at the end of the chute, which drops them into an underground world full of real dinosaurs. Richard then reveals his master plan to Botila (unwittingly in front of a camera drone) and smiles as she pushes Richard into the "volcano".




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