Biono-bot Triceratops

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Biono-bot Triceratops
Biono-bot Triceratops
Species Biono-bots
Controlled by Richard Remy
Enemies Kong
First appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"
Latest appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 23, "Battle Royale"

The Biono-bot Triceratops is a type of Biono-bot built in the image of the the long extinct genus Triceratops. They were constructed in 2049 by Dr. Richard Remy along with the rest of the Biono-bots as attractions in the "Dino Zone Prehistoric Wildlife Show" at the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve on Alcatraz Island. They, along with the other Biono-bots, debuted in the first episode of the 2016 Netflix original animated series Kong: King of the Apes entitled "The Adventure Begins"


Kong: King of the Apes

"The Adventure Begins"

At least four Triceratops were kept on display in the Dino Zone, and could be seen "eating" ferns amid the rest of the prehistoric action. When Kong escaped his habitat and began to rampage around the island, he was corralled into the Dino Zone, where he was charged from both sides by two Triceratops. However, Kong leapt into the air, causing the two Biono-bots to smash into one another and break apart on impact.

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