Biono-bot giant squid

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Biono-bot giant squid
Biono-bot giant squid
Species Biono-bots
Controlled by Richard Remy
Enemies Kong
First appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"

A giant Biono-botic squid appears in episode 1 of the 2016 Netflix Original animated series, Kong: King of the Apes, entitled "The Adventure Begins." Like the another Biono-bots, it was constructed in 2049 by Dr. Richard Remy as an attraction at the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve. However, unlike most of the other Biono-bots, the giant squid seems to be the only one of its kind to be produced.


Kong: King of the Apes

"The Adventure Begins"

The Biono-bot giant squid was designed to inhabit the aquarium surrounding The Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve alongside many endangered species of fish, as well as to entertain visitors by "attacking" their monorail cars as they arrived on the island. When Kong escaped his habitat and tried to escape the exhibit, the giant squid and the other Biono-bots were briefly reprogrammed remotely to prevent this. When Kong reached the monorail track and began trying to climb across to the mainland, the squid pulled him down into the water. It constricted the ape and tried to bring him to the aperture where a real squid's mouth would be, but Kong was able to break away, and tore off two of the squid's limbs which he then used to grapple back onto the track.


Suction grips

Much like the cephalopod upon which it is based, the Biono-bot giant squid boasts suction gripping pads on its tentacles.

Mouth aperture

Despite not needing to eat, the Biono-bot giant squid seems to be able to make use of its aperture mouth as a weapon.


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