Goodbye Old Friend

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"Goodbye Old Friend"
Goodbye Old Friend
Composed by Bear McCreary
Lyrics by Unknown
Performed in Godzilla: King of the Monsters

"Goodbye Old Friend" is a song composed by Bear McCreary for the soundtrack of the 2019 Godzilla film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


Babylonian (English)[1]

lū šalmāt ibrī ša libbiya (Goodbye Old Friend)
kabit-ma napīška salmu (Your peaceful breath slows,)
inattalā īnāka andātika (Your eyes gaze upon your world)
luddinku (I offer to you)
danāī (My strength)
lū šalmāt ibrī ša libbiya (Goodbye Old Friend)
šukšudat qātī-ma (My hand reaches forth)
ilūta hašhat (Striving for divinity)
luddinku (I offer to you)
rāmī (My love)
lū šalmāt ibrī ša libbiya (Goodbye Old Friend)
ina kibsī mātika (At the steps of your kingdom,)
ištēnis nemme (We become one)
luddinku (I offer to you)
balātī (My life)


Goodbye Old Friend


  • Goodbye Old Friend is considered to be Michael Dougherty’s favourite song from the soundtrack. He even worked close with Bear McCreay to make a song that sounded sad, yet welcoming.


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