"Bride of Godzilla" (song)

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"Bride of Godzilla"
"Bride of Godzilla" and "Rock Rock Godzilla" single cover
Performed by Masato Shimon
Not to be confused with the scrapped 1956 film of the same name.

"Bride of Godzilla" (ゴジラのお嫁さん,   Gojira no O Yomesan) is a promotional song recorded by Masato Shimon for the 1972 Toho Champion Festival release of Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. The song was released as a single with "Rock Rock Godzilla" as its B-side. An alternate version was also recorded, and both versions have been re-released as part of compilation albums such as Godzilla Song Book.



逃げないでおくれ にげないで
ボクの お嫁さんに なっておくれ

サツキちゃん マチコちゃん みどりちゃん


だからボクの ゴジラの
お嫁さんになって おくれ


Nigenaide okure nigenaide
Boku no oyomesan ni natte okure

Satsuki-chan Machiko-chan Midori-chan

Gaigan Hedora Kingu Gidora mo
Boku no chikara de yattsukete ageru yo

Dakara boku no Gojira no
Oyomesan ni natte okure


"Bride of Godzilla" (alternate version)

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