The Hollow Earth

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"The Hollow Earth"
The Hollow Earth
Composed by Bear McCreary
Heard in Godzilla: King of the Monsters
For the location, see Hollow Earth.

"The Hollow Earth" or "A Tribute to the Ancient Ones" is a song composed by Bear McCreary for the soundtrack of the 2019 Godzilla film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.



alsikunūši labīrūtu
ša immahri erṣeta takabbasā
ikkibis nēši
ša uribbū huršānī-ma
ālī lā muštarhūti ušēmû
ana tīlī dikmēni.
niqâ ša puqqi u wardūti.
izzumrini kanši
aššēpīkun nušeššer qaqqara


Oh, Ancient Ones,
Those who first walked the Earth
With mighty steps
That shook mountains
And reduced cities of the unrepentant
To ash and stone
We make this offering unto you,
Of obedience, and gratitude.
With our bowed bodies
We clear a path at your feet



The Hollow Earth


  • The lyrics of "The Hollow Earth" and "Goodbye Old Friend" were translated into Babylonian by Dr. Martin Worthington, Senior Lecturer in Assyriology from the University of Cambridge, who encouraged McCreary and the production team to use one of the oldest languages they understood the pronunciation of.


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