Unnamed tentacled monster

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Unnamed tentacled monster
The Unnamed tentacled monster in the 2015 NYCC GAMERA short
Enemies Gamera
Played by CGI
First appearance GAMERA

An unnamed monster with tentacles appears in the 2015 GAMERA 50th anniversary short screened at New York Comic-Con.


The unnamed monster, from what can be discerned from the short, has a rough, shard-like body with grey skin and pointy spines, possessing a tail, eight known tentacle-like appendages, six of them are legs, in addition to its limbs.



Ten years after Gamera killed off a swarm of Gyaos in Tokyo, the unnamed creature appears in the city and begins to attack it. Gamera appears to battle it.


Energy Spheres

The monster can fire energy spheres from its back limbs. Although it is unclear what they are, they appear to be incredibly powerful and cause anything trapped in the energy spheres to implode.




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