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Toho-Towa Company, Limited (東宝東和株式会社,   Tōhō Tōwa Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese film distribution company and subsidiary of Toho Co., Ltd. Founded in 1928, the company presently serves as Toho's foreign distribution arm, bringing Hollywood films to Japanese theaters. As of 2007, Toho-Towa is the primary Japanese distributor for Universal Pictures. Towa Pictures (東和ピクチャーズ,   Tōwa Pikuchāzu), a subsidiary company established in 2016, instead handles Japanese distribution of Paramount Pictures' films.[1] Over the years, their catalogue has included several giant monster films.

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  • According to the company's website, the "Towa" in Toho-Towa's name, composed of the kanji for "east" (東,   higashi) and "peace" (和,   wa), was chosen in order to reflect its founders' "ideals of harmony between East and West."[1]

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