Kraken Releasing

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Kraken Releasing
Kraken Releasing

Type Licensing studio
Status Active
Led by Matt Greenfield
Founder(s) John Ledford
Founded 2009
Houston, Texas, United States
Parent company Section23 Films
Preceded by A.D. Vision

Kraken Releasing is an American licensing studio, and a subsidiary of Section23 Films. One of the many successors to A.D. Vision, Kraken specializes in the home video distribution of live action fantasy, science fiction, tokusatsu, and horror productions. It released four entries in the Godzilla series to DVD and Blu-ray in North America in 2014 and 2016, all of which are currently out of print.

Selected releases



  • Kraken was the first company to release any of the four Godzilla films that it did to Blu-ray in North America, as well as the first company to release The Return of Godzilla to a format other than VHS in the region. Its release of The Return of Godzilla also marked the first official release of both the original Japanese version of the film and its international dub track in North America.
  • Kraken typically combined the original U.S. titles for the Godzilla films it released with their official international English titles on the packaging. However, the versions of the three Showa films it released were the same international prints used by TriStar Pictures in its earlier 2004 DVD releases of those films, rather than the original American edits. As such, they included both the original Japanese audio and the international export dubs as audio options, with the same English title cards used in the TriStar DVDs. Kraken's release of Ebirah, Horror of the Deep was the first time the film had been released in North America under some permutation of its official international title, as TriStar had previously released it as Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster despite utilizing the international titles for the majority of its other releases.
  • The Return of Godzilla had not been released on home video in North America since Anchor Bay released it to VHS in 1997. The film was withheld from home video distribution by Toho due to various licensing issues involving the Americanized version of the film, Godzilla 1985, making it the only Godzilla film unavailable on DVD in North America prior to 2016. Kraken's release of the film included the original Japanese audio along with the international English dub, but Godzilla 1985 was unable to be included due to the aforementioned rights issues. In keeping with the format of its previous Godzilla releases, Kraken titled the film Godzilla 1984 - The Return of Godzilla on the box art, indirectly referencing the film's original U.S. title.


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