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This is a transcript of the end credits from American International Pictures' release of Destroy All Monsters. Spelling errors have been preserved.

Produced by

Toho Company, Ltd.

Screenplay by

Kaoru Mabuchi
Ishiro Honda

Director of Photography

Taichi Kankura

Art Director

Takeo Kita

Sound Recording by

Shoichi Yoshizawa

Lighting by

Kiyohisa Hirano

Music by

Akira Ifukube

Sound Control by

Hisashi Shimonaga

Assistant Director

Seiji Tani

Film Editing

Ryohei Fujii

Sound Effects

Sadamasa Nishimoto

Production Manager

Yasuaki Sakamoto


Akira Kubo
Yukiko Kobayashi
Kyoko Ai
Jun Tazaki
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Kenji Sawara
Susume Kurobe
Hisaya Ito
Yoshibumi Tajima
Nadao Kirino
Naoya Kusakawa
Ikio Sawamura
Wataru Ohmura
Kazuo Suzuki
Yutaka Sada

Special Effects Directed by

Sanemasa Arikawa

Special Effects Supervised by

Eiji Tsuburaya

Rerecorded by

Titan Productions, Inc.

Produced by

Salvatore Billitteri

Edited by

Eli Haviv
Emil Haviv

Color Prints

Berkey Pathe

All persons and events depicted in this film are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, places or events is purely coincidental.

Executive Producer

Tomoyuki Tanaka

Directed by

Ishiro Honda


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