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King Kong Lives
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King Kong Credits
King Kong (1976)
King Kong Lives
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This is a transcript of the opening and end credits for King Kong Lives.

Opening Credits

De Laurentis Entertainment Group Presents

A John Guillermin Film


Brian Kerwin
Linda Hamilton
John Ashton
Peter Michael Goetz
Frank Maraden
Jimmie Ray Weeks

Casting By

Donna Isaacson and John Lyons

Creatures Created and Constructed by

Carlo Rambaldi

Production Designer

Peter Murton

Director of Photography

Alec Mills

Film Editor

Malcolm Cooke

Music By

John Scott

Executive Producer

Ronald Shusett

Production Manager

Lucio Trentini

1st Assistant Director

Brian Cook

Story and Screenplay By

Ronald Shusett and Steven Pressfield

Produced By

Martha Schumacher

Directed By

John Guillermin

End Credits

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Peter Elliott   as   King Kong
  • George Yiasomi   as   Lady Kong
  • Brian Kerwin   as   Hank Mitchell
  • Linda Hamilton   as   Amy Franklin
  • John Ashton   as   Colonel Nevitt
  • Peter Michael Goetz   as   Dr. Andrew Ingersoll
  • Frank Maraden   as   Dr. Benson Hughes
  • Alan Sader   as   Faculty Dr. #1
  • Lou Criscuolo   as   Faculty Dr. #2
  • Richard Rhodes, Larry Souder, Ted Prichard, Jayne Linday-Gray, Debbie McLeod, Elizabeth Hayes   as   Reporters
  • Natt Christian   as   Surgeon #1
  • Mac Pirkle   as   Surgeon #2
  • Larry Sprinkle   as   Journalist
  • Rod Davis   as   T.V. Reporter
  • David DeVries   as   Technician #1
  • Bonnie Cook   as   Technician #2
  • J. Michael Hunter   as   Technician #3
  • Robin Cahall   as   Mazlansky
  • Don Law   as   Security Chief
  • Jack Maloney   as   Wrangler #1
  • Jimmie Ray Weeks   as   Major Peete
  • Jeff Benninghofen   as   Radioman #1
  • Jim Grimshaw   as   Sergeant
  • Bernard Addison   as   Captain #1
  • Michael McLendon   as   Captain #2
  • Jimmy Wiggins   as   Boyfriend
  • Mary Swafford   as   Girlfriend
  • Michael Forest   as   Vance
  • Leon Rippy, Wallace Merck, Dean Whitworth, Hershel Sparber   as   Hunters
  • Dandy Stevenson   as   Mom #1
  • Lydia Smith   as   Mom #2
  • Hope Nunnery   as   Lady in Phone Booth
  • Margaret Freeman   as   Native Woman
  • Winston Hemingway   as   Staff Sergeant
  • Tom Parkhill   as   Radioman
  • Buck Ford   as   Guard Sergeant
  • Derek Pearson   as   Youth
  • Gary Kaikaka   as   Boat Skipper
  • Duke Ernsberger   as   Cell Guard #1
  • Mike Starr   as   Cell Guard #2
  • Shannon Rowell   as   Female in Crowd

Stunts by

Bud Davis
Dar Robinson
Monty Cox
Bruce Moriarty
Ken Bates
Greg Gault
Chuck Hart
Dennis Scott
Don Pulford
Beth Nufer
Randy Hall
Jae Gilbride

Casting Associate

Michelle Guillermin

Based on the Character "King Kong" created by

Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace

2nd Assistant Directors

Matt Earl Beesley
Bruce Moriarity

Miniature Unit Director of Photography

Robin Browne, B.S.C.

Supervisor Special Visual Effects

Barry Nolan

Costume Designer

Clifford Capone

Art Directors

Fred Carter
Tony Reading
John Wood

Stunt Coordinator

Bud Davis

Camera Operator

Michael Brewster

Focus Puller

Stefan Stanskowski

Still Photographer

Richard Foreman

Sound Mixer

David Stephenson

Boom Operator

Mike Tucker

Sound Assistant

Ty Church

Script Supervisor

Rina Sternfeld


Charles Torbett

Construction Coordinator

John Paterson

Construction Supervisor

David Bubb

Clapper Loader

Herbert Harton

Camera Apprentice

Alan Lasky

Set Decorators

Hugh Scaife
Tantar LeViseur


John Kretschmer

Senior Draftsman

Roger Bowles


Simon Murton
Rosiland Shingleton
Jeffrey Ginn

Storyboard Artists

Tom Cranham
Petko Kadiev


Giannetto DeRossi

Hair Dresser

Grazia DeRossi

Assistant Hair Dresser

Barbara Page

Assistant to Costume Designer

Alonzo Wilson

Wardrobe Supervisor

Dan Chichester

Additional Casting

Fincannon & Associates


Alec King

Best Boy

Tom Trovato

Rigging Electrician

Eamonn Dunne

Key Grip

Chunky Huse

Dolly Grip

Frank Batt

Rigging Coordinators

Roy Clark
Bobby Huber

Generator Operator

Franklin Williams, Jr.

Special Effects Department


Joseph Mercurio


Joe DiGaetano
Steve Kirshoff
Frank Ceglia
Bill Harrison
Steve Lombardi
Casey Cavanaugh
Larry Reid
Robert Bass
George Hill

Weapons Effects Consultant

Joe Lombardi

Special Effects by

Special Effects Weaponry, Inc. &
Special Effects Unlimited, Inc.

Military Advisor

Jim Grimshaw

Military Vehicles Coordinator

Les Pendleton

Military Vehicles Specialist

Johnny West

Picture Vehicle Coordinator

Pat Hill

Transportation Coordinator

William Siler

Transportation Coordinator

William Siler

Transportation Captain

Welch Lambeth

Unit Publicist

Luis Reyes

Head Plasterers

Kenneth Clarke
Gordon Izod
Ken Powell

Head Painters

Eric Regan
Marc Abraham

Carpenter Coordinator

Dave Edwards


Peter Voysey
Andrew Holder

Crew Leaders

Patrick Johnson
Bernardo Munoz
Gus Ramsden
Rod Schumacher
David Sharp

Assistant Crew Leaders

Marty Montagne
Fran Raines

Model Makers

Scott Alexander
Eric Skipper
Olivia Ramirez

Special Effects Miniature Department


David Jones

Crew Leaders

Patrick Johnson
Bernardo Munoz
Gus Ramsden
Rod Schumacher
David Sharp

Assistant Crew Leaders

Marty Montagne
Fran Raines

Model Makers

Scott Alexander
Eric Skipper
Olivia Ramirez
Earl Smith
Bill Rog
Steven Spier
Tim Viereck

Miniature Tree Production Foreman

Chris Crump

Miniature Tree Crew Leader

Yvonne Hegney

Model Shop Construction Foreman

Esty Davis

Model Shop Assistants

Sadie Holt
Robert Webber

Model Department Coordinator

Danielle Verese


Paul Sebastian

Production Assistants

Arona Barnes
Karen Smith

Special Action Miniatures Department


Dave Kelsey

Assistant Supervisor

Joe Starr

Special Visual Effects Mold Makers

Ralph Cobos
Mike Cobos
Richard Medina
Roberto Carlos


Allessandro Rambaldi
Michael Bell
Vittorio Rambaldi
John Cazemiro
Ron Goldstein
John Copeman, III
Cathy Butler
Regina McLeod
Rodney Hollis
Linda Pacic
Lorraine Teachey

Special Effects Makeup

Dean Gates


Jean Wessner


Delores Lane


William Bryan

Second Unit

Camera Operator

Sergio Melaranci A.O.C.I.

Focus Pullers

Jeff Moore
Marco Mazzei


Ron Sistare

Camera Apprentice

Chip Hackler


John Ferguson

Dolly Grip

Gene Poole


David Pamplin

Key Production Assistant

Noel Tomlinson

First Assistant Editor

Kerry Kohler

Second Assistant Editor

Daniel Candib

Apprentice Editors

Jonathan Chibnall
Myles Connell

Sound Editors

Colin Miller
Les Wiggins

Supervising Dialogue Editor

Samuel Crutcher M.P.S.E.

Dialogue Editor

James J. Isaacs

Foley Editor

Roberta Doheny

Music Editor

Tom Carlin

Assistant Sound Editors

Teresa Book
Edward Malone
Rosemarie Wheeler

Assistant Music Editor

Scott Grusin

Re-Recording Mixers

Robert Knudson
Bob Glass
Don Digirolamo

Re-Recording Facility


ADR Mixers

Charleen Richards
Rick Ash

Foley Mixer

Dean Drabin, C.A.S.

Foley Walkers

Gary Hecker
Alicia Stevenson

Music Recorded at

Bavaria Music Studios, Munich

Recorded by

Graunke Symphony Orchestra

Music Engineer

Peter Kromper

Post Production Supervisor

Jim Honore

Location Managers

Shaw Burney
Morris Atkins

Production Coordinator

Kathyrn Colbert

Production Secretaries

Roe Fonvielle
Chrissie Davis

Assistant to Producer

Jordan Hawley

Main Unit Production Assistants

Artist Robinson
Barbara Long
John Wildermuth
Chris Dellapenna
Garrett Hogan
Mayta Haley
Roxanne Robinson
Lisa Dismukes
Antoinette Bonsignore


Lyn Lucibello

Assistant Accountants

Allan Hamilton
Cindy Gray

Promotional Consultants

Springgreene Marketing Associates

Cardiac Surgery Consultant

Dr. Raymond Hunt

Set Dressings Courtesy of

Best and Donovan
Dozier Equipment
Amsco Sinks
Kidde Fire Equipment
Niham Kohden
Cinema World Products
Good Earth Nursery
Thompson's Pet Shop
Tristar Fabricators
Sutton Council Furniture
Office Showcase Furniture
Murrows Galleries
St. John's Museum of Art
Jacobi Lewis Restaurant Supply
Serigraphic Industries
Pax Distributors
New Hanover County Memorial Hospital

Film Laboratory


Titles by

Richard Malzahn
Title House Inc.

Opticals by

Van Der Veer
Photo Effects

Optical Camera

Tom Anderson
Dick Ramirez
Kevin Konival

Optical Line-Up

John Kuhlman
Robert Habros
David Williams Jr

Optical Graphics

Jeff Burks
Ed Thompson
Jethro Singer

Catering by

DEG Film Studios, Inc.

Camera and Lenses by

Joe Dunton Cameras, Ltd.

Portable Air Conditioning by

Nippondenso of Los Angeles, Inc.

Insurance by

Great Northern Brokerage Corp.

Filmed on location in Tennessee and at DEG Film Studios, Wilmington, North Carolina.

Special Thanks to

Nissan Motor Corporation
Victor Company of Japan Ltd. (J.V.C.)
The North Carolina Film Commission
The Tennessee Film, Tape, and Music Commission
The People of Wilmington, North Carolina
The People of Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee

Dolby Stereo in Selected Theaters

Copyright © MCMLXXXVI DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

All of the characters in this film are fictitious and all events in which such characters appear are fictional. Any similarities to actual persons or events is unintentional and entirely coincidental.

This motion picture is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.


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