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King Kong (1976 film)
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This is a transcript of the opening and end credits for King Kong (1976).

Opening Credits

Dino de Laurentiis Presents

A John Guillermin Film


© Copyright 1976 by Dino de Laurentiis Corp. All Rights Reserved


Jeff Bridges
Charles Grodin


Jessica Lange

Production Designed by

Mario Chiari
Dale Hennesy

Film Editor

Ralph E. Winters, A.C.E.

Music Composed and Conducted by

John Barry

In Charge of Production

Jack Grossberg

Director of Photography

Richard H. Kline, A.S.C.

Executive Producers

Federico de Laurentiis
Christian Ferry

Based on the Screenplay by

James Creelman and Ruth Rose

From an Idea Conceived by

Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace

Screenplay by

Lorenzo Semple, Jr.


Dino de Laurentiis


John Guillermin

End Credits

The producer wishes to acknowledge that Kong has been designed and engineered by Carlo Rambaldi, constructed by Carlo Rambaldi and Glen Robinson with special contributions by Rick Baker.


John Randolph
Rene Auberjonois
Julius Harris
Jack O'Halloran
Dennis Fimple
And Ed Lauter


Jorge Moreno
Mario Gallo
John Lone
Garry Walberg


John Agar
Keny Long
Sid Conrad
George Whiteman
Wayne Heffley

Assistant to the Producer

Fredric M. Sidewater

Casting by

Joyce Selznick and Associates

Second Unit Director

William Kronick

Production Manager

Terry Carr

Unit Production Manager (Hawaii)

Brian Frankish

Unit Production Manager (New York)

George Goodman

Assistant Directors

David McGiffert
Kurt Neumann

Second Assistant Director

Pat Kehoe

Second Unit Assistant Director

Nate Haggard

Production Coordinator

Lori Imbler

Production Secretary

Charlotte Dreiman

Set Decorator

John Franco, Jr.

Script Supervisor

Dori Grau

Camera Operator

Al Bettcher

Assistant Cameraman

Robert Edesa

Additional Photographic Effects

Harold E. Wellman, A.S.C.

Still Photographer

Elliot Marks

Art Directors

Archie J. Bacon
David A. Constable
Robert Gundlach


Mentor Huebner
David Negron

Sound Mixer

Jack Solomon

Re-Recording Mixers

Harry W. Tetrick
William McCaughey

Key Grip

Robert Sordal


Ed Carlin

Property Master

Jack Marino

Make-Up Artist

Del Acevedo

Hair Stylist

Jo McCarthy


Arny Lipin
Fern Weber

Special Effects

Glen Robinson
Joe Day

Set Painters

Robert Clark
Curtis "Red" Hollingsworth


Ken Richey

Hair Design for Kong


Sculptor of Kong

Don Chandler

Kong Mechanical Coordinator

Eddie Surkin

Construction Coordinator

Gary Martin

Miniature Coordinator

Aldo Puccini

Transportation Coordinator

Joe Sawyers

Stunt Coordinator

Bill Couch

Costume Designer

Moss Mabry

Gowns and Native Costumes by

Anthea Sylbert
Post Production Supervisor
Phil Tucker

Supervisor of Photographic Effects

Frank Van Der Veer

Photographic Effects Assistant

Barry Nolan

Matte Artist

Lou Lightenfield

Sound Effects by

James L. Klinger

Music Editor

Kenneth J. Hall

Music Recording

Dan Wallin

Music Re-Recording

Aaron Rochin

Assistant Film Editors

Robert Pergament
Margo Anderson

Publicity Coordinator

Gordon Armstrong

Unit Publicist

Bruce Bahrenburg

Production Auditor

Robert F. Kocourek

Production Accounting

Meryle Selinger


Scott Thaler
Jeffrey Chernov
Michael Winter

Native Dance Choreography by

Claude Thompson

Extra Casting by

Sally Perle and Associates

Titles by

Pacific Title & Art Studio

Still Cameras Provided by


Miss Lange's Jewelry by Bulgari

Filmed in Panavision®

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

The persons and events in this film are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.

Cast of Characters

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Jeff Bridges   as   Jack Prescott
  • Charles Grodin   as   Fred Wilson
  • Jessica Lange   as   Dwan
  • John Randolph   as   Captain Ross
  • Rene Auberjonois   as   Bagley
  • Julius Harris   as   Boan
  • Jack O'Halloran   as   Joe Perko
  • Dennis Fimple   as   Sunfish
  • Ed Lauter   as   Carnahan
  • Jorge Moreno   as   Garcia
  • Mario Gallo   as   Timmons
  • John Lone   as   Chinese Cook
  • Garry Walberg   as   Army General
  • John Agar   as   City Official
  • Keny Long   as   Ape Masked Man
  • Sid Conrad   as   Petrox Chairman
  • George Whiteman   as   Army Helicopter Pilot
  • Wayne Heffley   as   Air Force Colonel


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