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Gorgo (film)
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The following is a transcript of the opening credits of Gorgo.

The producers acknowledge the generous help and co-operation given by the Authorities and Public Services of both London, England and Dublin, Eire, which made this picture possible.

King Bros. Productions Ltd. Presents



Bill Travers
William Sylvester


Vincent Winter
Bruce Seton
Joseph O'Conor
Martin Benson
Barry Keegan
Dervis Ward
Christopher Rhodes

Screen Play

John Loring
Daniel Hyatt

Original Story

Eugene Lourie
Daniel Hyratt

Director of Photography

F.A. Young, B.S.C.

Music by

Angelo Lavagnino

The Sinfonia of London Conducted by

Muir Mathieson

Special Photographic Effects

Tom Howard, F.R.P.S., B.S.C.


Wilfred Eades

Associate Producer

James Leicester

Production Supervisor

George Mills

Assistant Director

Douglas Hermes

Art Director

Elliot Scott

Edited by

Eric Boyd-Perkins

Sound Editors

Peter Thornton
Archie Ludski

Sound Recordist

John Bramall

Recording Supervisor

A.W. Watkins

Public Relations

Herman King

Assistant to Producers

Jack Labow

Additional Photography

Douglas Adamson

Camera Operator

Jack Mills

Script Supervisor

Pamela Davies


Stella Morris


Harry Haynes

Color by


Executive Producers

Frank King
Maurice King (Administration)

Directed by

Eugene Lourie


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