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Reptilian (film)
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The following is a transcript of the opening and end credits of Reptilian.

Opening Credits

Media Film International presents

a Zeronine Entertainment production

in association with

Hyundai Capital Corp.
Korea Technology Finance Corp.
Sinbo Investment Corp.
CKD Investment Corp.
Samboo Finance Ent.
and Suwon City

a Shim Hyung Rae film


Dan Cashman
Bruce Cornwell
Dennis Howard
Matt Landers
Richard B. Livingston
Donna Philipson
Wiley Pickett
Brad Sergi
Briant Wells
Harrison Young


D.J. Robbins
Derrick Costa
Johanna Parker
Alex Walters
Les Brandt
Karl Calhoun
Alan Grifka
Julie Kessler

Music by

Chris Desmond

Casting by

Robin Eckland
Anthony Barnao

Director of Photography

An Hong Kim

Visual Effects & Design

Zeronine Digital

Created by

Hyung Rae Shim

Screenplay by

Marty Poole

Edited by

Steve Swersky

Executive Producers

David A. Smitas
P.J. Leone
Yong Ho Lee

Produced & Directed by

Hyung Rae Shim

End Credits


In Order of Appearance

  • Richard B. Livingston   as   Dr. Campbell
  • Harrison Young   as   Dr. Hughes
  • Briant Wells   as   Parker
  • D.J. Robbins   as   Editor
  • Brad Sergi   as   Bud Black
  • Donna Phillipson   as   Holly Davis
  • Wiley Picket   as   Lt. O'Neil
  • Dan Cashman   as   Gen. Murdock
  • WM. Hankins   as   Man at Door
  • Julie Kessler   as   Bartender
  • Matthew Perniciaro   as   Man at Bar
  • Dudly   as   Wilborn Monroe Kilpatrick Jr.
  • Dennis Howard   as   Gen. Thomas
  • Matt Landers   as   Gen. Howell
  • Johanna Parker   as   Sgt. Romiski
  • Alex Walters   as   Sgt. Michaels
  • Karl Calhhoun   as   Sgt. Andrews
  • Derrick Costa   as   Sgt. Archie
  • Bruce Cornwell   as   Mr. Mills
  • Les Brandt   as   Sgt. Sanchez
  • Alan Grifka   as   Sgt. Smitty
  • Marvin Poole   as   Pvt. Lewis


Line Producer

Raphel Oh

Unit Production Manager

D.A. Smitas

Production Manager

Jae Woo Chae

First Assistant Directors

Jin Man Jo

Second Assistant Directors

Jang Wook Lee
Sung Bae Kim
Aasha Mullens

Second Second Assistant Director

John Davis

Production Coordinator

Ellen Kim

"A" Camera

An Hong Kim

"B" Camera

Hyun Guk Park

High Speed Camera

John F. Wagner

Camera Operator

Jong Sun Shin

First Assistants "A" Camera

Sang Su Gil
Chan Muk Jung

First Assistant "B" Camera

Yong Sang Jo

Second Assistants "A" Camera

Sung Jin Hong
Kyung Min Kwon

Second Assistants "B" Camera

Chang Gyu Jung
Hyun Jung Gyun
Sae Il Kim

Chief Lighting Technician

Gil Su Jo

First Assistant Lighting Technician

Seung Chun Kim

Second Assistant Lighting Technicians

Kyung Hun Kim
Hyuk Sik Nam
Dong Sub Shim
Sang Hun Kim

Script Supervisor

Seung Ha Yang

Location Managers

Se Yun Yoon
Isaac Green

U.S. Crew

Second Unit Director

Marty Poole

First Assistant Director

William Hankins

Director of Photography

Jerry Watson

First Assistants Camera

Darren Deloach
Nick Enfield

Second Assistant Camera

Kelly McGowan


Andrew Rawson

Best Boy Electric

Jason Santelli


Chris Milani
Kevin Peters


Michael Horan

Key Grip

John Mang

Best Boy Grip

David Richardson


John Powers

Prop Masters

Lee Lazarow

Prop Assistant

Chris Dechart

Production Sound Mixer

Steven Corbiere


Vince Shelly

Script Supervisor

Janel Reeves

Make-Up & Hair

Stella Tzanidakis

Make-Up & Hair Assistant

Erin Woodrite

Wardrobe Supervisor

Ann Lambert

Wardrobe Assistant

Cindy Tiare

24Frame Video

Mike Shaheen
Tracy Mills
Steven Davis

Assistant To Marty Poole

Dylan Jay Douglas Poole

Production Assistants

Jessica Groper
Matt Perniciaro
R. Randy Wyatt


Command Performance

Cameras & Video Assistant

Hill Production Service

Camera Truck

Shotmaker Company


J.L. Fisher

Sound Equipment

Wilcox Sound

Main Title Design

David Hopkins
Mach Universe


Four Media Company


Entertainment Post
Matchframe Video

Negative Cutting

Magic Film & Video

Color Timing

Bob Beverly

Titles & Opticals

Title House Digital

Post Production Producers

Mario Celestino
Bruce W. Cathcart

Post Production Services Provided by

Metropolitan Entertainment, Hollywood

Post Production Supervisor

AJ Ullman

Digital Transfers

Lionel Estrada

Editorial Services

S2 Editorial, Inc.

Sound Design/Supervising Sound Editor

WM. Jeffrey Boydstun

Sound Supervision

Gary J. Coppola

Additional Sound Design & Editorial

Mark Allen

Sound Effects Editors

Rita Egleston
Eddie X. Gomez

Dialog/ADR Editors

Mark Allen
Troy Allen
Trevor Jolly

Assistant Sound Effects Editors

David W. Powell
Paul Boydstun
B.A. Pomeroy

ADR & Foley Recorded At

Sound Satisfaction, Burbank

Foley Artists

Edward Steidele
James Bailey

Foley Assistant

Jeffrey Gund

Foley Mixers

Sean Keegan
Bruce Bell

ADR Group

Loop De Loop

Re-Recording Mixers

Gary J. Coppola, C.A.S.
Rudy Pi

Re-Recorded At

Signet Soundelux, Los Angeles
International Recording, Burbank

Digital Assistants

Brian Dixon
Unsun Song
Ryan Murphy

Optical Sound Recorded At

Chace Productions, Inc., Burbank

Music Production Coordinators

Katina & Lily P. Desmond

Music Re-Recorded At

Screen Music, Los Angeles

Music Mixer

Ernie Sheesley

Technical Supervision

Paul Andris

Music Editorial

Brian Bulman

Temp Music Supervision

Daniel Schweiger


Sue Yun Yun

Production Designer

Birdy Lee

Visual Effects Supervisor

Sunny Ryu

Art Director

Sun Kyo Oh

Special Effects Team

Demolition Ltd.
Do An Jung
Hee Kyung Lee
Kwang Soo Kim
Tae Ui Kim
Young Il Yoo
In Sang Yoo

Stunts Crew

Mongdol Action Team

Stunt Coordinator

Sang Seok Hong

Special Force Ranger's Stunts

Jae Il Bae
Jin Su Park

Holly's Stunt Double

Bong Keun Lee

O'Neil's Stunt Double

Hyeong Ju Kang

Parker's Stunt Double

Jong Taek Kum

Chief Make-Up Artist

Mi Jung Park

Make-Up Artists

Woo Mi Kyung
Ji Young Min
Jin A Kim
Kyung Tae Gu

Special Effects Make-Up

Jong Sik Kim

Costume Coordinators

Ok Ki Kim
You Me Kim
Su Yuen Kim

Military Costume Coordinators

Yong Keun Sul
Yun Jung Jang

Still Photographer

Dong Sil Yoon

Still Photography Assistant

Gui Nam Mun

Bus Drivers

In Sub Hong
Kwan Sik Ji

Extras Casting

Hwa Rang Co.
Su Hyun Lim
Kwi Il Chong

3D Animation Supervisor

Chang Yong Park

3D Modelers

Sae Won Kim
Eun Sik Park
Jae Sun Shin

2D & 3D Texture Design

Eun Mi Cho
Na Kyung Koh
Jung Suk Park
Seung Hyun Park

3D Animators

Choong Yeal Lee
Dong Hee Lee

Digital Effects

Hyun Suk Yang

Digital Systems Engineer

Yosep Kim

Domino Chief Designer

Ki Wook Shim


Myoung Hwan Kim

Chief Illusion Designer

Jang Jin Park

Illusion Designers

Mil Chul Kim
Choong Yul Yoon
Young Mee Moon
Hee Kyung Yoo
Myung Ae Cha

Technical Support

Ji Bong Jang Quantel
Jae Ke Un Choi In Nit

Chief Modeler

Woo Gi Han

Modeling Team

Hung Suk Park
Jae Su Kim
Bong Sun Lee
Seo Young Kim
Jong Bok Heo
Jong Nam Shim
Hyung Gon Kim

Chief Set Designer

Jae Ik Joung

Set Design Team

Jong Min
Hyung Jung Kim
Young Il Kim
Buyng Duck Park
Jae Wan Ryu
Jae Gyul Lee

Miniatures Chief

Yong Suk Kim

Miniature Explosion Team

Byoung Sup Shim
Woo Suk Choi
Chung Kie Han
Ju Young Ryu
Jun Hee Ryu
Hae Jin Song
Seung Chul Yoo
Il Hoh Cha
Min Jung

Breaking Miniature Team

Man Yong Lee
Young Chan Park
Jung Hyun Park
Jea Youn Lim
Heung Up Song
Myoung Jun Choi
Seong Gyu Park
Hyun Suk Yoon
Sul Gi Park
Kwang Sam Park

Diorama Team

Seoung Ho Rey
Jea Cheon Song
Won Jun Yang
Min Jin Oh

Mechanic Design Team

Youn Soo Joung
Jung Yeun Seo
Jong Yeul Lim
Il Doo Kim
Sang Bok Park

Art Design Team

Chang Wan Kim
Sung Hun Park
Ki Chul Yoon

Chief Designer

Hoon Sang Lee

Character Designers

Ho Chul Kim
Seung Kug Oh
Young Ju Jeong

Story Board Artist

In Won Jung

Publishing & Promotion

Ji Hey Hong
Yu Ra Chai
Hyuk Lee

Advertising Design

Hea Jin Lee
Seung Ill Hong
Chung Gyu Park


Yoon Hur
In Ki Moon

Merchandising Design

Hwa Youn Park
Myeong Ja Kim

Editorial Design

Sin Young Lee

Graphic Design

Mi Ri Choi
Sin Ae Park

Advisory Management

Samil Accounting Corp.
Price Waterhouse Coopers

Executive In Charge of Production

Jonathan Kang

"New County Feeling"

Written and Performed by Paul Kerr and Andy Dewar
Published by JW Media Music
Courtesy Opus 1

"Automatic Weapon"

Music & Lyrics by Chris Desmond
©1999 Radiant Mask Music Bmi

Production Support

Hyundai Motor Company
Korea Chamber of Industry
Korea Institute of Multimedia Contents & Software
Taejon Expo Park Corporation
The War Memorial of Korea
Kern County Film Commission
KDB Capital
Halim & Co., Ltd
David Hook
The City and Residents of Tehachapi
Mountain Meadows Community Service District
The Mountain View Inn
Chuck Yeu
Kern County Sheriffs - Tehachapi Substation
Sgt. Bill Adams
Ms. Jennifer Marby
Scott Vandiver
Phil Botana
Diana, Randy and Chris
And all of the other people who helped in the making of this picture

Dolby in Selected Theaters

The events, characters and firms depicted in this motion picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual person, living or dead, or to actual firms is purely coincidental.

© 2000 Zeronine Entertainment Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Zeroine Entertainment Co., Ltd. is the author and creator of this motion picture for the purposes of copyright and other laws in all countries throughout the world.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or reproduction of this motion picture or videotape or any part thereof (including the soundtrack) may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.


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