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Gamera vs. Viras
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Gamera vs. Viras
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The following are transcripts of the translated Japanese credits of Gamera vs. Viras and its American version, AITV's Destroy All Planets. The Gamera vs. Viras transcript is taken from the film's Mill Creek DVD release, and is incomplete.

Gamera vs. Viras

Produced by

Hidemasa Nagata


Shouichi Fujita
Kazumasa Nakano


Nisan Takahashi


Akira Kitazaki


Kazufumi Fujii


Hirose Kenjirou


"Gamera March" and "Our Gamera"


Shouji Sekiguchi

Effects Lighting

Mamoru Ishizaka

Assistant Director

Masayoshi Imago

Production Manager

Shin Kawamura

Special Thanks to the Boy Scouts of Japan


Kojiro Hongo
Michiko Yaegaki
Mari Atsumi
Junko Yashiro
Yoshirou Kitahara
Akira Natsuki
Fujiyama Kouji
Chikara Hashimoto
Carl Craig Jr.
Tooru Takatsuka
Gou Kenji
Munehiko Takada
Peter Williams
Ken Nakahara
Keiichirou Yamane
Mary Morris
Himawari and Kojika Acting Troupes

Narrated by

Wakayama Genzou

Directed by

Noriaki Yuasa

Destroy All Planets


Kojiro Hongo
Toru Takatsuka
Kurl Crane

Photography by

Akira Kitazaki

Screenplay by

Fumi Takahashi

Music by

Kenjiro Hirose

Produced by

Hidemasa Nagata

Directed by

Kenji Yuasa

American Re-Recording

Titan Productions, Inc.

Directed by

Bret Morrison

Edited by

Eli Haviv
Emil Haviv

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the names, characters, or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


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