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Gamera 2: Attack of Legion
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Gamera 2: Attack of Legion
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The following is a transcript of the English end credits from ADV Films' Gamera 2: Attack of Legion DVD release.

Standard Credits


Shusuke Kaneko

Starring Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Toshiyuki Nagashima   as   Colonel Watarase
  • Miki Mizuno   as   Midori Honami
  • Tamotsu Ishibashi   as   Hanatani
  • Mitsuru Fukikoshi   as   Obitsu
  • Ayako Fujitani   as   Asagi Kusanagi

English Vocal Cast Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Jay Hickman   as   Colonel Watarase
  • Shelley Calene-Black   as   Midori Honami
  • Christopher Patton   as   Obitsu
  • Illich Guardiola   as   Hanatani
  • Luci Christian   as   Asagi Kusanagi
  • Don Armstrong   as   Radio News Reporter
  • John Kaiser   as   Professor
  • Lisa Singerman   as   Sapporo Reporter
  • Charles Kennedy   as   Sendai Reporter
  • Jason Douglas   as   TV News Reporter
  • Hilary Haag   as   Chopper News Reporter
  • Heather Le Master   as   American News Anchor
  • Tejas Englesmith   as   American News Anchor
  • Don Armstrong   as   Tokyo News Anchor
  • Lisa Singerman   as   Tokyo Anchor
  • Heather Le Master   as   Tokyo Anchor 2
  • Jason Douglas   as   Office Mumble
  • Ryan Walsh   as   Commander
  • Rob Mungle   as   Colonel Satake
  • Marty Fleck   as   Prime Minister
  • John Swasey   as   Captain
  • Adam Conlon   as   Security Guard 1
  • Paul Sidello   as   Osako
  • Mary Fleck   as   Search Pilot
  • Michael Yantosca   as   Radio Seaman
  • Matt Greenfield   as   Officer Mustache
  • Adam Conlon   as   Radio Guy
  • Ryan Walsh   as   Radio Guy 2
  • Steve Hasenmyer   as   Escape Chopper Pilot
  • Chris Hawley   as   Escape Chopper Radio
  • John Swasey   as   Power Plant Worker
  • Gabi Chennisi   as   Little Girl
  • Gabi Chennisi   as   Little Boy
  • Gerald Brewer   as   Little Boy's Dad
  • John Kaiser   as   Old Loader
  • Ed Paez   as   Loud Speaker Guy
  • Ruby Halipoto   as   Mommy Honami
  • Kyle Jones   as   Conductor
  • Dorothea Exis   as   Little Girl's Mom
  • Fumiko Chino   as   Counter Agent
  • Shelly Thomas   as   Ski Bunny
  • Marty Fleck   as   Doctor
  • Ryan Walsh, Charles Kennedy, Jason Douglas, Ed Paez, Rob Mungle, Michael Yantosca, Joey Goubeaud, Neil O'Sullivan, Gerald Brewer, Patrick Givens, Charlie Purdy, Chris Hawley, Chris Nelson, Christopher J. Anderson, Matt Wittmeyer, Chad Townsend, Big Bates, Don Rush, Kyle Jones, Richard Hasenmyer   as   Soldiers


Koh Otani


Tsutomu Tsuchikawa
Naoki Sato
Miyuki Nanri

Special Effect

Shinji Higuchi

A Daiei, NTV Network, Hakuhodo, Fujitsu & Nihon Shuppan Production

English Language & Subtitled Versions Presented by A.D.V. Films

Executive Producers

John Ledford
Mark Williams

Produced, Written & Directed by

Kyle Jones

International Coordinator

Toru Iwakami

Subtitle Script & Timing

Paul Filion

Sound Design

Wade Shemwell

ADR Recorded at

Industrial Smoke & Mirrors

Recording Engineer

Stanley Thomas

Art Director

Ruby Halipoto

DVD Graphics

Veronica Diaz

Post Production Manager

Shelly Thomas

Post Production

Monkey Boy Post


Neil O'Sullivan
Pat Givens

DVD Coordinator

Janice Williams

DVD Production

David Williams

DVD Authoring & Encoding


Production Assistant

Carole Pavlik


© 1996 DAIEI, NHFN

English Language & Subtitled Versions

© 2003 A.D.Vision, Inc.

DVD © 2003 A.D.Vision, Inc.

Redneck dub


Jack "The Hick" Hickman
Rob "Ringworm" Mungle
John "Spit Cup" Swasey
Carl "White Trash" Wormley
Jason "Wife Beater" Douglas
Matt "Whitlin" Whittmeyer
Hillary "Halter Top" Haag
Stanley "Mud Flaps" Thomas
Matt "Double-Wide" Culpepper
John "Dooley" Duckworth
Kyle "Three Toof" Jones
Clint "Clinton" Hann
Shelly "Bisquits & Gravy" Black
Richard "Incest" Stanford
Luci "El Camino" Christian
Jacob "Grill Guard" Gragard
Vic "No Thumbs" Mignogna
Neil "Cracker-Ass" O'Sullivan
Gabi "Griddle Cakes" Chennisi
Veronica "Divan" Diaz
Kira "Daisy Dukes" Davis
Allison "Stepside" Sumrall
Vicki "Boot-Cut" Baroushi
Jin "General Ree" Chung
Jessica "Bird Dog" Boone
Roberto "Rubber Toe" Garcia
Don "Devilled Ham" Rush
Thomas "Abductee" Meerbott
Matt "Crawdaddy" Crawford
Wade "Sho'Do" Shemwell

P.C. Cowboys

Toomey Starks
Hamshire Fannett
Arthur Dekko
Shelley "Shit-Fire-and-Save-the-Matches" Thomas
Janice "Trailer Hitch" Williams
David "Drywall" Williams
Mark "Rickets" Williams
Matt "Gout" Greenfield
John "Jackalope" Ledford


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