The Mighty Peking Man (1977) credits

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The Mighty Peking Man
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The following is a transcript of the opening credits of the American version of The Mighty Peking Man, titled Goliathon. Spelling errors have been preserved.

A Shaw Brothers Production


Evelyne Kraft
Li Hsiu-Hsien
Ku Feng
Lin Wei-Tu
Hsu Shao-Chiang
Wu Hang-Sheng
Ted Thomas
Steve Nicholson

Guest Starring

Hsiao Yao
Chen Ping

Art Directors

Johnson Tsao
Chen Ching-Shen

Make Up

Wu Hsu-Ching
Chou Wei-Yin

Property Masters

Li Yu
Lau Ping-Wei


Liu Ghi-Yu


Peng Yen-Lien

Stunt Arranger

Yuan Hsiang-Jen


Chen Yung-Li
Siu Ho

Lighting Supervisor

Chen Feng

Dubbing Supervisor

Wang Yung-Hua

Optical Effects

Hong Kong Special Effect Centre

Music By

De Wolfe
Chen Yung-Yu

Theme Song 'Could It Be Love'

Composed By
Frank McDonald
Chris Rae
Sung By
Jan Butler

Screenplay By

I Kuang

Film Editor

Chiang Hsing-Lung

English Version Edited By

Thom Noble

Assistant Editor

Pepsta Fairfax

Sound Mixer

Hugh Strain

English Dubbing By

Les Filmes Jacques Willemetz-Paris

Assistant Directors

Hung Ke
Wu Shim

India Location and Unit Director

Babu Singh

Special Effects Supervisor

Sadamasa Arikawa
Keizo Murasei

Photographed By

Tsao Hui-Chi
Wu Cho-Hua

Filmed in Panavision

Produced By

Runme Shaw

Directed By

Ho Meng-Hwa


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