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Gorgo (film)
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The cover for the soundtrack
Composed by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Released 1996
# of tracks 37

The soundtrack for Gorgo was released by Monstrous Movie Music on August 12, 1996, along with suites from The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and Tarantula, and the opening title for The Monolith Monsters. All are re-recordings conducted by Masatoshi Mitsumoto and performed by the Radio Symphony Orchestras of Cracow. Only the tracks from Gorgo are listed here.


  1. Main Title (1:48)
  2. Restless Sea/Underwater/Tidal Wave (2:21)
  3. On The Island/Inner Room (2:08)
  4. Gorgo Sighted/Gorgo Surfaces (1:48)
  5. Fire Fight (1:23)
  6. Making A Plan/Ocean Voyage (1:35)
  7. Gorgo Escapes/Mama Rises (1:14)
  8. Jet Alert/Battleship Barrage (1:07)
  9. Military Might/Torpedo Attack (2:05)
  10. Big Ben Demolished (:56)
  11. London Trampled (1:09)
  12. Return To Sea/End Title (2:09)

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