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Godzilla Minus One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Cover of the Japanese release of Godzilla Minus One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Cover of the international release of Godzilla Minus One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composed by Naoki Sato
Released by
  • November 4, 2023
    (CD and streaming)
  • December 15, 2023 (vinyl)JP
  • May 2024 (vinyl)US
# of tracks 17

Godzilla Minus One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (ゴジラ-1.0 (マイナスワン) (Original Soundtrack),   Gojira Mainasu Wan (Orijinaru Saundotorakku), lit. "Godzilla-1.0 (Original Soundtrack)") is the soundtrack to the 2023 Godzilla film Godzilla Minus One, composed by Naoki Sato. It was released on November 4, 2023: on CD and streaming in Japan by Rambling RECORDS, and to streaming services internationally by Milan Records. Rambling also pressed it as a limited edition vinyl that December 15,[1] while Waxwork Records began shipping its own double vinyl in late May 2024.[2]


(side A on vinyl)
  1. "Godzilla-1.0 Fear"
  2. "Godzilla-1.0 Portent"
  3. "Godzilla-1.0 Confusion"
  4. "Godzilla-1.0 Godzilla Suite I"
(side B on vinyl)
  1. "Godzilla-1.0 Divine"
  2. "Godzilla-1.0 Elegy"
  3. "Godzilla-1.0 Mission"
  4. "Godzilla-1.0 Hope"
  5. "Godzilla-1.0 Honor"
  6. "Godzilla-1.0 Pride"
(side C on vinyl)
  1. "Godzilla-1.0 Pain"
  2. "Godzilla-1.0 Resolution"
  3. "Godzilla-1.0 Godzilla Suite II"
(side D on vinyl)
  1. "Godzilla-1.0 Unscathed"
  2. "Godzilla-1.0 Last"
  3. "Godzilla-1.0 Pray"
  4. "Godzilla-1.0 Godzilla Suite III"




"Godzilla-1.0 Fear"
"Godzilla-1.0 Portent"
"Godzilla-1.0 Confusion"
"Godzilla-1.0 Godzilla Suite I"
"Godzilla-1.0 Divine"
"Godzilla-1.0 Elegy"
"Godzilla-1.0 Mission"
"Godzilla-1.0 Hope"
"Godzilla-1.0 Honor"
"Godzilla-1.0 Pride"
"Godzilla-1.0 Pain"
"Godzilla-1.0 Resolution"
"Godzilla-1.0 Godzilla Suite II"
"Godzilla-1.0 Unscathed"
"Godzilla-1.0 Last"
"Godzilla-1.0 Pray"
"Godzilla-1.0 Godzilla Suite III"

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