Space Amoeba (1970) soundtrack

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Space Amoeba
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Space Amoeba soundtrack
The cover for the soundtrack
Composed by Akira Ifukube
Released 1997
# of tracks 28

The soundtrack of Space Amoeba was released in 1997, with music by Akira Ifukube.


  1. Main Title
  2. Launching of the Helios
  3. The Helios Heads into Outer Space
  4. The Helios in Crisis
  5. Return of the Helios
  6. The Appearance of Gezora
  7. Background Music on Board
  8. Strange Lights in the Cave
  9. Gezora Attacks
  10. The Prayer Of Selgio Island
  11. Undersea Probe I
  12. Undersea Probe II
  13. The Helios Underwater
  14. The Terror Of Gezora
  15. Gezora Comes Ashore
  16. Gezora vs. the Humans
  17. Cosmic Lifeforms on the Move I
  18. The Appearance of Ganimes
  19. Cosmic Lifeforms on the Move II
  20. Obata and the Space Lifeform I
  21. Obata and the Space Lifeform II
  22. The Wedding Ceremony
  23. Remains of the Dead Bats
  24. The Appearance of Kamoebas
  25. Obata's Resistance
  26. Ganimes vs. Kamoebas
  27. The End Of The Cosmic Lifeform
  28. Ending


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