King Kong Escapes (1967) soundtrack

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King Kong Escapes
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King Kong Escapes
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King Kong Escapes soundtrack
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Composed by Akira Ifukube
Released 1997
# of tracks 39

The soundtrack for King Kong Escapes was released in 1997, with music by Akira Ifukube.


Original Music

  1. Main Title
  2. The Base at the North Pole
  3. Starting Up Mechani-Kong I
  4. Starting Up Mechani-Kong II
  5. Mondo Island
  6. The Appearance of King Kong
  7. King Kong vs. Gorosaurus I
  8. King Kong vs. Gorosaurus II
  9. Kong and Susan I
  10. The Explorer Returns
  11. Plan to Capture King Kong I
  12. Plan to Capture King Kong II
  13. Kong at the North Pole
  14. Kong's Chance Meeting
  15. The Hypnosis Machine
  16. Element X
  17. King Kong Escapes I
  18. King Kong Escapes II
  19. Kong Heads to the Capitol
  20. Kong and Susan II
  21. Kong's Showdown
  22. Tokyo Tower Showdown I
  23. Tokyo Tower Showdown II
  24. King Kong's Victory
  25. King Kong Heads To Tokyo Bay
  26. Dr. Who's Last Moments
  27. Ending
  28. Madame Piranha
  29. Madame Piranha II [Frankenstein Conquers the World]

Seperate Takes

30. M1T1
31. M1T2
32. M2T1
33. M5T2
34. M11T1
35. M16+M1T3 (Edits)

Sound Effects

36. Mechani-Kong's Cry
37. Mechani-Kong's Eye Lights
38. Gorosaurus' Cry
39. King Kong Escapes/Preview Edition


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