Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6

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Issue #6
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Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6
Main Cover of Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6 by Drew Johnson and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Written by Brian Buccellato
Art by Christian Duce, Tom Derenick
Cover by
  • Drew Johnson, Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Main Cover)
  • Inhyuk Lee (Variant Cover)
  • Francis Manapul (Variant Cover)
  • Daniel Warren Johnson (1:25 Variant Cover)
  • Nikolas Draper-Ivey (1:50 Variant Cover)
Colors by Luis Guerrero
Letters by Richard Starkings, Tyler Smith
Edits by Ben Apernathy, Michael McCalister, Robert Napton
DC Comics
Legendary Comics
Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong
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Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6 is a comic book from DC Comics and Legendary Comics. It was published on March 19, 2024.[1]


The bestselling clash between the DCU and the Monsterverse continues as a mysterious beacon is activated and is drawing Godzilla and his titan brethren toward it…but who—or what—controls the beacon? What secret has Lex Luthor kept under wraps that could change the dynamic of the entire battle?![1]


Ten days after the Titans first appeared on the Earth of the DC Universe, Cyborg and Aquaman are in a meeting with the Justice League making a recap of everything that has happened since. Cyborg says that Superman is still in a comatose state, his status unclear, Supergirl is missing, Shazam is likely a hostage of the Legion of Doom, and the Toyman's whereabouts remain unknown. Aquaman reassures the League, saying that Atlantis has almost been completely repaired and is now prepared for another attack. Cyborg confirms to the group that the beacon which attracted Godzilla and Tiamat was constructed using technology from LexCorp, who are likely associates of Black Manta, and that Godzilla is still trapped underwater, bound to the Nth Metal Chains fixed on his leg by Aquaman following his defeat of the Kraken. The Flash reminds the rest that, despite having dealt with one monster, there are still three left headed for Metropolis. Green Arrow adds that a surveillance sweep of Skull Island has confirmed that Kong has gone missing, and the League vows to get ready for Lex Luthor and the Legion's arrival. Meanwhile, Lois Lane, having fallen asleep near Superman's solar array, wakes up to notice in distress that he has disappeared.

Lex readies the Legion of Doom to go to Metropolis, noting that Gorilla Grodd is missing but everyone else will be there. Black Manta and Giganta express their disapproval of Lex's deployment of both the Legion and the Titans. Lex tries to reassure them, saying that with Godzilla missing and Mechagodzilla and its beacon, "[he is] the Apex Titan they will bow down to." Mechagodzilla, piloted by Lex, is closely followed behind by Scylla, Tiamat, and Behemoth, and prepares to face off against Batman's Bat-Mech, built in response to Lex's construction of Mechagodzilla and powered by the Flash with a Cosmic Treadmill and Cyborg. Batman warns Lex against fighting him and the Justice League, saying that they've come prepared. Praising his robot, Lex asks Batman how the Bat-Mech was built so fast, to which he responds by thanking team effort from the League's speedsters. Batman faces off against Mechagodzilla, while Aquaman and Hawkgirl battle Behemoth and the Green Lanterns confront Scylla. Using their Power Rings, the Green Lanterns combine their power to create a giant energy construct of a mech they call the Green Lantern Robo. Robin fires energy blasts at Tiamat's teeth using the Batplane, which also narrowly dodges Supergirl's laser vision. Supergirl, having been mind controlled by Grodd using kryptonite, attacks Wonder Girl, confusing Wonder Woman. Grodd reveals himself, having also mind controlled Kong, who proceeds to attack the Green Lantern Robo. The Robo punches Kong in the face, who retaliates by ripping off its left arm, sending Guy Gardner away. As the Robo fights off Kong with laser vision, the Green Lanterns ask for Guy's status, who reveals he is okay. Guy prepares to get rid of Grodd's army and the Legion of Doom before returning to the mech, only for Grodd to leap into the air and stomp on his face, crushing him to death. Distracted, Hal Jordan is horrified at the sight of this, giving Kong enough time to smash the mech to pieces. Grodd orders his army to finish off the Green Lanterns, but Aquaman and the League arrive, refusing to let this happen. As the two opposing sides clash, Kong seizes the opportunity to grab the Bat-Mech from behind and punch it away. Beast Boy takes notice of this and transforms into a giant green replica of Kong, punching him back only for Supergirl to knock him unconscious, causing him to revert to his previous state as Jessica Cruz catches him. The Green Lanterns figure out that the source of Grodd's mind control over Supergirl and Kong is the kryptonite on Grodd's helmet. Green Arrow fires an arrow at Grodd, who easily catches it in its path. Green Arrow proceeds to fire a barrage of them, knocking off Grodd's helmet and freeing Supergirl and Kong from his influence. Wonder Woman warns the rest of a new threat: the resurrected Skull Devil, now far more massive and monstrous and armed with osteoderm plating covering its body, as well as three smaller unaltered Skullcrawlers.

Back at Atlantis, Superman, who's revealed to be alive and well, confronts Godzilla, who charges his atomic breath, saying that they have "unfinished business".


Titans and superspecies

Other monsters

  • Bat-Mech
  • Green Lantern Robo
  • Beast Boy (Kong form)


Weapons, vehicles, organizations, and races





  • Lex Luthor echoes Walter Simmons in describing Mechagodzilla as an "apex Titan."
  • When Beast Boy transforms into Kong, he declares "This Kong ain't got nothing on me!". This quote is similar to one made by Al-G Rhythm in Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), which is itself based on a similar quote by Alonzo Harris in Training Day (2001).
  • When Beast Boy transforms into Kong, he does not mirror Kong's scars and bruises on his chest and arms.
  • Beast Boy had previously transformed into King Kong in other DC titles, such as 2019's Titans: Burning Rage.

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