Rainbow Seven

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Rainbow Seven
The fully powered Rainbow Seven
The uninhabited white V-Armor
Species Giant robot
Height 13 meters[1]
Weight 700 metric tons[1]
Allies Rainbowman (symbiont),
Dr. Omiya (creator)
Designed by Nobuhiro Okasako
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 1, A Destined Encounter
Latest appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 22, The End of Dongolos

Rainbow Seven (レインボーセブン,   Reinbō Sebun), known in its uninhabited state as V-Armor (Vアーマー,   Bui Āmā), is a mecha that appears in the 1982 animated series Warrior of Love Rainbowman. It was created by Dr. Omiya at the behest of Deva Datta in preparation for his death and the subsequent release of Emperor Dongolos.


The miscolored pink V-Armor

Rainbow Seven was constructed as "V-Armor," a giant humanoid white robot, but it is sometimes erroneously colored with a pinkish tint. When it is inhabited by the power of Rainbowman, various parts of it take on colors corresponding to Rainbowman's seven Dashes. Its right arm becomes red like Dash 2, its left arm blue like Dash 3, its right leg violet like Dash 6, and its left leg yellow like Dash 1. Its pelvis becomes the green of Dash 4, while its pectoral area turns orange like Dash 5. Rainbow Seven's head remains white to represent the primary form of Rainbowman, Dash 7. Its head is reminiscent of the RX-78-2 Gundam from the Gundam franchise. It has been alleged that the series director and designer Nobuhiro Okasako took inspiration from Daimajin when creating Rainbow Seven.[2]


Rainbow Seven was created in secret by Dr. Omiya under Deva Datta's command. Rainbowman has the power to combine the elemental powers of his Seven Dash forms to empower and embody the V-Armor and to pilot Rainbow Seven as an extension of himself.


Showa era

Warrior of Love Rainbowman

"Go! Warrior of Love"

The Rainbow Seven V-Armor grew close to completion in the laboratory of Dr. Omiya.

"Fight! Rainbow Seven"

When Takeshi Yamoto returned to Japan from his time abroad, Omiya showed him Rainbow Seven. Later, when defending the home of Omiya's colleague Dr. Toyama, Rainbowman summoned Rainbow Seven to combat the Devil Mecha Draudas. Draudas blew flames at Rainbow Seven, but Rainbow Seven quickly dispatched it with a "Rainbow Flash" attack.

"The Terrifying Robot Factory"

After a new Devil Mecha named Gizarath terrorized the city, Rainbowman arrived at the factory that the Die-Die Gang had been using to build it and other new Devil Mechas, and called in Rainbow Seven to stop them. Fairie Rosé summoned Gizarath, and Rainbowman called Rainbow Seven forth in retaliation. Gizarath attacked with its tendrils, but Rainbow Seven swatted them away with the Sword of Light. It then tried to blast him with a crackling beam of energy from its back, but Rainbow Seven was unfazed. He then severed each of Gizarath's five limbs before launching a Big Cross attack at its face, which caused the Devil Mecha to explode. Rainbow Seven then stood over the burning wreckage.

"Rainbow Seven Explodes!"

Rainbow Seven was defeated by the Devil Mecha Goliath. Its parts were scattered by the explosion.

"Revive!! Rainbow Seven"

With help from Dr. Omiya, Rainbowman was able to reassemble Rainbow Seven and use his power to destroy the Devil Mecha Jaradan.


Telepathic teleportation

The V-Armor/Rainbow Seven can be summoned to Rainbowman's location by using his telepathic ability to trigger the teleportation technology in Rainbow Seven's hangar. Rainbow Seven is then broken down into particles and materializes near Rainbowman.

Rainbow Sword

Also called the Sword of Light, it emerges when Rainbow Seven performs a special hand signal. It can be split into two smaller blades if needs be.

Big Cross

By spreading its arms, Rainbow Seven can fire an energy beam from its entire body.

Rainbow Flash

Rainbow Flash is a flash of light emitted from the red spot on Rainbow Seven's helmet. It emits a powerful beam that was able to completely eviscerate Draudas on contact.

Ring Chute

A circle of light that captures and binds the opponents.

Seven Beam

Rainbow Seven can emit low-power energy beams from its eyes, that while weak in combat, are fire retardant.

Fire Arrow

Rainbow Seven's wrists can produce arrows of flame.

Rainbow Barrier

Rainbow Seven can produce a barrier of light from its hands to protect people and buildings.

Great Hurricane

Rainbow Seven's belt buckle can create strong winds when its flaps are opened.


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