"The Terrifying Robot Factory"

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Warrior of Love Rainbowman episodes
"Fight! Rainbow Seven"
"The Terrifying Robot Factory"
"Rainbow Seven Explodes!"
"The Terrifying Robot Factory"
The Terrifying Robot Factory
Series Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode # 4
Directed by Yasuo Hasegawa
Written by Tsunehisa Ito
Air date October 31, 1982

"The Terrifying Robot Factory" (恐怖 (きょうふ)のロボット工場 (こうじょう),   Kyōfu no Robotto Kōjō) is the fourth episode of the Warrior of Love Rainbowman animated series.


In the undersea headquarters of the Die-Die Gang, Emperor Dongolos berates Mr. K for his failings, and it becomes apparent that the Die Die Gang has run out of resources to create a new Devil Mecha. However, Mr. K has a plan. On the surface, Akiko Yamato sees her young daughter Jun off to school with her friends Shosuke Yamada, and Tomoko Hoshimura before going to awaken her son Takeshi. They speak for a moment before Takeshi goes out to train. Elsewhere, Fairie Rosé uses a human disguise to plant a mind control bug on the neck of Tomoko's father, the president of a factory, and using his facilities, begins to create the Die Die Gang's next Devil Mecha. Out in the forest, Takeshi meditates and enters a trance state as Rosé reports back to Mr. K with an update on their progress. Mr. K is pleased, and sees to it that a new Deathnoid is sent over to her. Dongolos names a new soldier as the pilot for the new Devil Mecha, and he is cheered on by the crowd as he enters a sealed chamber where he mutates into a starfish-like creature. Takeshi returns home to see Jun watching TV, where Tomoko's father is being interviewed. A mysterious woman that Takeshi finds familiar whispers in the man's ear before he cuts the event short and heads off. He and Jun discuss the event for a moment before Takeshi returns to his room, where he grapples with the idea that Fairie Rosé is manipulating a powerful man in his own city. With the Deathnoid arrived, Rosé sets up a test run of Gizarath, the new Devil Mecha. Its components fly into the night sky and assemble into their starfish-like form, hovering for a moment before the Deathnoid is launched up to merge with the machine. Flying through the sky, it rains destruction on the city below.

Takeshi has nightmares of Dongolos taking over, and his family being kidnapped, and awakens just before Jun comes in and opens his window to show him the still smoking city in the distance. Rosé continues to oversee production of Devil Mechas, and observes a mutant Deathnoid in containment, but outside, Jun, Shosuke, and Tomoko are nearing the factory and growing concerned. They decide to take a peek inside, and Jun and Shosuke enter through a hole in its exterior wall, as Tomoko stands lookout. The kids spot Fairie Rosé addressing a group of soldiers, who are alerted to their presence when Shosuke accidentally hits a button with his elbow. The soldiers chase them out into the factory yard, where one trasnforms into a starfish-like form and grabs the two children. Tomoko sees this through the hole that let them enter in the first place, and runs away to get help. She runs into Takeshi, as Shosuke and Jun wake up strapped to conveyor belts leading into machinery where they will be dismembered and dismanteld by an imposing manufacturing robot. Takeshi transforms into Rainbowman and arrives, destroying the machine's claw as he appears on the balcony overlooking the factory floor. He destroys the robot with an energy attack and then uses telekinesis to move the kids out of harm's way. He takes them outside and lets them go before hopping onto a nearby roof to challenge the Die Die Gang. Fairie Rosé summons Gizarath, who bursts through the roof of the factory and ensnares Rainbowman in its tendrils before energizing them and sending pain coursing through the hero's body. Rainbowman then summons Rainbow Seven and imbues the robot with his essence to finish the fight. Gizarath attacks with a blast from the canon on its back, but Rainbow Seven is unperturbed. Using his Sword of Light, Rainbow Seven destroys the tendrils launched at him and severs the tips of Gizarath's five arms before finishing the fight with a "Big Cross" attack, which explodes the Devil Mecha, killing its symbiont host. Rainbow Seven watches it burn, and Mr. K watches remotely, and is displeased. Jun, Tomoko, and Shosuke watch the sunset together, and elsewhere Takeshi does the same.


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