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Gizarath in Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Species Die-Die Gang Devil Mecha
Relations Die-Die Gang (creators),
Deathnoid 18782 (symbiont)
Enemies Rainbowman, Rainbow Seven
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 4, "The Terrifying Robot Factory"

Gizarath (ギザラス,   Gizarasu) is a mecha that first appeared in the 1982 animated series Warrior of Love Rainbowman, where it was constructed by the Die-Die Gang during the fourth episode as part of their planned takeover of Earth. Gizarath is the second Devil Mecha to be created by the Die-Die Gang, and is the first to be merged with a mutated Deathnoid. Deathnoid 18782 (デスノイド18782,   Desunoido Jūhachi Nana Hachi Ni) was selected to become one with Gizarath.


Gizarath is a modular, starfish-like mecha with a void at its center where the mutated symbiont pilot's face appears. It has five purple tentacle-like arms, and a red cone on its back that sports four yellow tendrils and can be used as a canon. Yellow tendrils are hidden in each section of its segmented arms.


Showa era

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)

"The Terrifying Robot Factory"

After the destruction of Draudas, the Die-Die Gang had no more resources to construct Devil Mechas. To remedy this, they used mind control to take over the mind of a factory president and using his resources, constructed Gizarath. After Emperor Dongolos selected Deathnoid 18782 to become one with Gizarath, he was mutated into a starfish-like creature and sent to the factory, where one night for a test run, Fairie Rosé opened the roof of the factory, and the many assembled parts of Gizarath flew into the sky, where they came together into their full form. The mutant starfish Deathnoid then launched itself up and became one with the machine, and its face manifested at its core. It then used its power to rain red lightning and destruction down on a nearby city. The next day, when Rainbowman attacked the factory, Rosé once more summoned Gizarath to fight him. Gizarath ensnared Rainbowman in his many tendrils and sent crackling blue energy through them to cause the hero immense pain. He then spat sparks at the trapped warrior of love, who called for Rainbow Seven. The giant mech arrived, and Rainbowman became one with it before Gizarath sent more tendrils out to grab it. Rainbow Seven summoned his Sword of Light, and slashed them away. Gizarath turned over to fire an intense beam of its crackling blue energy from the canon on its back, but Rainbow Seven did not slow. He cut off each of Gizarath's arms at the midsection, and the considerably damaged Devil Mecha could only watch as its adversary summoned a "Big Cross" attack and threw it at its face. Gizarath was destroyed in a fiery explosion, and Rainbow Seven stood over the wreckage.


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Red electricity

Gizarath can rain bolts of red lightning down from the tentacles at the top of the red cone on its back. They have the potential to do great damage to buildings.


Gizarath has a series of yellow tendrils running through its body that it can use to ensnare opponents. These may be used to inflict great pain on whomever is trapped in them when they are energized.

Sparking breath

Gizarath can spit sparks from its mouth, and uses this ability on Rainbowman when ensnared in its tendrils.

Crackling beam

A beam of crackling blue energy, like that used by the snare tendrils can be fired from the cone on Gizarath's back.


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