"Go! Warrior of Love"

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Warrior of Love Rainbowman episodes
"A Destined Encounter"
"Go! Warrior of Love"
"Fight! Rainbow Seven"
"Go! Warrior of Love"
Go! Warrior of Love
Series Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode # 2
Directed by Hideyoshi Oga
Air date October 17, 1982

"Go! Warrior of Love" (ゆけ! (あい)戦士 (せんし),   Yuke! Ai no Senshi) is the second episode of the Warrior of Love Rainbowman animated series.


Takeshi Yamato is falling down a sloped cliff toward a deep ravine when Deva Datta throws his walking stick, which pierces Yamato's jacket and pins him securely to the opposing cliff face. Deva Datta floats over to reprimand him before floating awa,y leaving the young man stranded. Takeshi's jacket rips and he grabs hold of the staff before shimmying along the mountainside for the rest of the day to reach Deva Datta's home at the top, where he collapses in exhaustion. The wise man gives him some water before retreating into his cave, leaving Takeshi to wonder about his family. Back at home, his younger sister Miyuki is worried about him, and asks their mother about his whereabouts. Takeshi continues his grueling training regimen with Deva Datta, but soon grows frustrated with his demanding teacher. In a display of his power, the holy man destroys a great boulder with his control of the elements and creates two long stretches of fire that he has Takeshi run through. The boy catches fire, and Datta douses him with water summoned from his palm. Takeshi runs through again, emboldened by memories of his sister, and falls into a roll to put out the flames catching on his clothes at the end. With his jacket burned away, Deva Datta is impressed by something he sees within the young man. He then has Takeshi dive from the top of a waterfall, with orders to move a boulder on the bottom of the water without coming up for air. He tries and fails a few times before finally managing to shift the rock. He surfaces to speak to Deva Datta, but becomes frustrated and prepares to leave until the old man tells him about Rainbowman, which reignites his zeal for the training. He runs up mountains, swings through trees with ease, and even swims harsh currents, and eventually Deva Datta takes him to a warzone strewn with the apparent corpses of soldiers. Datta chants over a fallen man and summons to him the bullet from his wound. He begins to chant further and levitates before energy emanating from him washes away the blood and heals the wounds on the soldiers, all of whom are able to stand up and watch him in awe before turning on one another once more. Deva Datta berates them for this, and the men lay down their arms. Deva Datta and his apprentice then return to their training, where Takeshi attempts to run up a steep slope until he is interrupted by a freak thunderstorm.

Elsewhere, Mr. K and Fairie Rosé speak to the evil Emperor Dongolos within his stone prison before continuing work on his powerful robot with which he hopes to thwart Deva Datta. Takeshi continues his training well into the winter months, practicing meditation in many poses and places, and Deva Datta uses his power to check on Doctor Omiya, the man creating a giant mech to defend Earth from the alien invaders. He soon awakens and continues his work, while Takeshi spars with his master, who uses his mastery of the elements to throw fire at him. After all of his training, Takeshi Yamoto is finally able to transform into Rainbowman, who uses Dash Three's water power to thwart Deva Datta's attack. However, Deva Datta begins to fall from the sky, apparently injured as the giant Emperor Dongolos emerges from his pillar and addresses his people. That night, back on Earth, Deva Datta explains to Takeshi about Rainbowman and what it means to be the Warrior of Love, before telling him about the seven Dash forms and their elemental powers. With his wisdom imparted, Deva Datta takes a seated position and begins to ascend into the sky until he finally disappears into a rainbow overhead. As the sun rises, Takeshi transforms into Rainbowman Dash Seven and flies away.


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