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Arrowsoras in Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Species Die-Die Gang Devil Mecha
Relations Die-Die Gang (creators),
Deathnoid No. 10875 (symbiont)
Enemies Rainbowman, Rainbow Seven
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 6, "Revive!! Rainbow Seven"

Arrowsoras (アローソラス,   Arōsorasu) is a mecha that first appeared in the 1982 animated series Warrior of Love Rainbowman, where it was constructed by the Die-Die Gang as part of their planned takeover of Earth, and debuted in its 6th episode. Deathnoid 10875 (デスノイド10875,   Desunoido Ichi Zero Hachi Nana Go) was selected to become one with Arrowsoras and give it power.


Arrowsoras is a squat Devil Mecha with a light grey and lavender color scheme. He has large red eyes, and two prominent horns. His mouth hosts six white fangs. He has dark violet spikes forming a mohawk atop his head, and has a matching spiked belt. The light gray panel on his torso can open up to reveal an array of weapon emitters, used primarily for his rust attack.


Showa era

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)

"Revive!! Rainbow Seven"

Upon Goliath's destruction by Mr. K, a new Devil Mecha was sent to Japan to start a new mission. Deathnoid 10875 was selected to become one with the new mecha Arrowsoras. He was quickly launched onto the island, where he began to wreak havoc in various cities with no Rainbow Seven to challenge him. He quickly began destroying a bridge and waterway, and was unfazed when military bombers came to attack him. After weathering their missiles, he flapped his wings to create a powerful wind that blew them off course. He destroyed the next wave of planes with his powerful breath, that impacted the planes and destroyed them before continuing through the city, where he stomped on small buildings, and threw taller ones aside. He continued his romp through the city, using his abilities to rust artillery into uselessness, and tormented fleeing civilians with forceful torrents. Rainbowman, apparently back from the dead, used his Dash Three form to create a rainstorm that put out the fires caused by Arrowsoras' rampage. Despite this, the hero is no match for Arrowsoras' size and power, and the mecha was able to smack him away, or try to stomp on him when he tries to attack, but when he summoned Rainbow Seven, the tides quickly turned against him. Rainbow Seven summoned his Sword of Light, and with only two slashes, cut Arrowsoras into quarters, and he quickly exploded.


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Laser breath

Arrowsoras can shoot powerful red laser beams from its eyes.

Explosive breath

Arrowsoras can belch a powerful stream of fluid from its mouth with such force that it can cause apparent explosions from impact.

Rusting gas

Arrowsoras' main ability appears to be his ability to emit a fluid substance that causes machinery to rust to the point of self-destruction.

Flapping wings

Arrowsoras can flap the wing-like structures on his back to create powerful winds that disrupt aircraft.


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