"Fight! Rainbow Seven"

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Warrior of Love Rainbowman episodes
"Go! Warrior of Love"
"Fight! Rainbow Seven"
"The Terrifying Robot Factory"
"Fight! Rainbow Seven"
Fight! Rainbow Seven
Series Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode # 3
Directed by Yoshito Hata
Air date October 24, 1982

"Fight! Rainbow Seven" ( (たたか)え!レインボーセブン,   Tatakae! Reinbō Sebun) is the third episode of the Warrior of Love Rainbowman animated series.


The press gathers at the demonstration of a high-energy laser beam held by Dr. Toyama, an associate of Dr. Omiya. The canon shoots and melts through a row of four solid walls before exploding a large boulder completely, to the wild applause of the gathered crowd. At the undersea headquarters of the Die-Die Gang, Emperor Dongolos gives orders to Mr. K, who summons his trusted associate Fairie Rosé to plot about the powerful weapon. After many months abroad, training with Deva Datta, Takeshi Yamoto arrives home to Japan at a commercial airport where he is met by his friend Gota Yamada and his younger brother Shosuke, alongsize Takeshi's own younger sister Jun, who cries in frustration at his having been away for so long. Their reunion is observed by an unassuming woman, who is in fact Fairie Rosé in human disguise. Takeshi returns home alone, where his mother is working in the downstairs coffee shop, and is so shocked to see him that she drops a glass. Takeshi apologizes and begins to pick up the pieces and they have a chat together before Takeshi goes out for a walk. He comes across Shosuke and Jun playing baseball with their friend Hiroshi, the son of Dr. Toyama, but the game is cut short when Hiroshi's mother pulls up in her car, aghast at him and takes him away. They are soon accosted by a group of footsoldiers from the Die-Die Gang, and the mother cries out while offering them all of her valuables. Hearing this, Takeshi comes running and begins to fight off the assailants. One of them pulls out a laser pistol and fires at Takeshi, who does a flip over the beam before transforming in mid-air into Rainbowman, With the power of the Dash Seven form, he continues to battle them before using Dash Three's power over water to draw a wave from the nearby river and washing the alien invaders away. Back at the Die-Die Gang headquarters, Mr. K asks about Fairie Rosé's mission before conferring with Doctor Gilma about the completion of the Devil Mecha Draudas.

Takeshi then goes to meet with Dr. Omiya, and his daughter Yoko, who is upset at Takeshi's long absence. The scientist then tells Takeshi about Dongolos, and how long ago he invaded and created many wars, which were only stopped by Deva Datta, who told Omiya to create his current project: the giant robot Rainbow Seven, which he shows to Takeshi. That night at school, Hiroshi's mother gets reprimanded by his teacher for a poor grade, and she leaves in shame. The teacher, who is in reality the disguised Fairie Rosé, then goes into the classroom to speak to Hiroshi alone, and slaps him with a mind control device that turns him into a blue-skinned member of the Die-Die Gang. He and his mother return home, where Takeshi is speaking to Hiroshi's father, the developer of the high-energy laser weapon, and Takeshi takes note of his strange behavior. That night, Fairie Rosé speaks into a remote control and has the boy arise from his bed and sneak into his father's office where he tries to kill the scientist with a decorative sword. Takeshi steps in and grabs the boy long enough to notice the device and destroy it, returning Hiroshi to normal. Takeshi then runs outside to Fairie Rosé and a group of Die-Die Gang grunts, whom he attacks with Dash Four's power to turn leaves into sharp projectiles, and then blows them all away in a cyclone. As this is happening, Dongolos selects one of his people to merge with and pilot the Devil Mecha Draudas, which he promptly launches out of the sea to battle Rainbowman. It grabs at him and tries to blast him with his fire breath, as in the laboratory, an alarm alerts Dr. Omiya to his presence. The doctor promptly teleports Rainbow Seven away to Takeshi's location. When the mecha materializes, Takeshi uses the power of all seven Rainbowman Dashes and imbues them and himself into the great white robot, which takes on a colorful palette while under his control. Draudas blasts his opponent with blue flames, and Rainbow Seven retaliates with the Rainbow Flash attack, which causes the Devil Mecha to explode. Dongolos is beside himself at the occurence. With the day saved, Hiroshi's mother holds her child as his father watches Rainbowman fly away into the night.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.




Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • High-energy laser beam


  • The mobile laser beam tank bears a striking resemblance to one of Toho's Maser Cannons in both its design and its firing.


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