"Critical Moment!!"

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Warrior of Love Rainbowman episodes
"Spring the Trap!"
"Critical Moment!!"
"The Great Rainbow Operation"
"Critical Moment!!"
Critical Moment!!
Series Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode # 12
Directed by Ken Yamada
Written by Yoichi Onaka
Air date December 22, 1972

"Critical Moment!!" ( () () (いっ) (ぱつ)!!,   Kikīppatsu) is the twelfth episode of Warrior of Love Rainbowman.


While dangling over a pit of spikes, Rainbowman's arm is stabbed by a female executive of the Die Die Gang named Diana, in an attempt to push him in. While laying on the spikes, Rainbowman transforms from Dash Seven to Dash One in order to jump out of the pit and fight off his captors. He loses them through a secret door and finds a woman tied to a chair. He then frees her as Mr. K's voice is heard over a loudspeaker in the room and the girl's father appears on a screen, being held by Diana and a group of Die Die Gang soldiers. She begins to whip him repeatedly, and Mr. K begins to address them again, as the girl begins to cough uncontrollably before falling motionless to the floor. Rainbowman begins to kiss her as her father tackles one of the soldiers and takes his gun, before destroying the door locks and seeing Rainbowman and his daughter in the next room. He then broke the glass separating them but was shot in the leg by another of the soldiers' arrows. Outside, Rainbowman's sister Miyuki sees a rainbow in the night sky and falls down. She then sprains her biological ankle and calls for her brother. Takeshi then transforms into Dash Seven before blasting the Die Die Gang members with white energy. Diana orders them to attack, and Rainbowman fends them off. On their way out of the building, the girl and her father run in to more of the soldiers, and when Rainbowman runs to defend his friends he is hit in the upper torso with multiple arrows, prompting him to blast them with an attack that disables them. He then sits down as Diana and her soldiers approach, and reverts to his human form. The girl and her father manage to escape, and Diana phones Mr. K to inform him of her triumph over Rainbowman, who is still in a meditative state. Miyuki is then kidnapped by another group of Die Die Gang soldiers who take her to a ravine, on the other side of which rests her brother. As she runs to him, one of the soldiers ignites a trail of a flammable substance, presumably gasoline, which ignites into a ring of fire around Rainbowman. Miyuki calls to him as she runs and climbs, repeatedly falling down due to her prosthetic, however still getting her brother's attention. Her calls awaken Rainbowman, who then transforms once more into Dash Seven to leap out of the flames and rescue his unconscious sister, before transforming back to wake her up. He thanks her for saving his life, and carries her out of the valley before taking her home. They all then visit the girl's father in the hospital before Takeshi and the girl take a walk outside, where he remembers the kiss they had shared when he was Rainbowman. Shortly after, an arrow narrowly misses them. Takeshi examines said arrow and finds a threatening note attached, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.



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