Doppelganger demon

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Doppelganger demon
Doppelganger demon in its true form
Doppelganger demon posing as Godzilla's species
Species Demon
Forms Godzilla disguise form, true form
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla in Hell #1
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A demonic doppelganger of Godzilla appears in the first issue of the 2015 IDW comic series Godzilla in Hell.


The creature is not named in the comic. "Doppelganger demon" is used here as a descriptive phrase given that it impersonated Godzilla.


The Doppelganger has no given history or explanation behind its existence, other than being a denizen of Hell.


The Doppelganger demon's sole motive was to consume Godzilla. It stood frozen in place prior to Godzilla noticing it after fighting a soul storm, only revealing its true colors when he was within easy grappling range. In its eagerness to consume him, it attempted to drag him towards its mouth while he was still in fighting shape, leaving itself vulnerable to a fatal nuclear pulse.


When in its disguised form, the doppelganger demon is generally identical to Godzilla, although it is covered in multiple scars and wounds in contrast. When Godzilla closed the distance and proceeded to inspect it up close, the demon split its skin open and revealed its true form: a beast with massive jaws, a single red eye, and several sharp tendrils. The demon keeps Godzilla's dorsal fins even in its true form.


Godzilla in Hell #1

After wading through a storm cloud composed of damned souls in Hell, Godzilla discovered a doppelganger of himself in the eye of the storm, standing motionless and staring off vacantly into the distance. However, when Godzilla approached to inspect it, the doppelganger began to take on its true form, revealing itself to be a grotesque demon. The demon gradually transformed over time, opening up more mouths until finally what was once the Godzilla facade's chest opened up, and it attempted to devour Godzilla whole. This decision turned out to be a poor one, as Godzilla was able to blow the demon to pieces with a nuclear pulse from the inside out.



The doppelganger demon can shapeshift.

Physical abilities

The doppelganger demon is armed with sharp tendrils and large jaws. It was capable of lifting and throwing Godzilla, and proved strong enough to ensnare Godzilla in its tendrils before pulling him towards its gaping mouth.


Godzilla's atomic breath severed the doppelganger demon's tendrils. It was ultimately killed by Godzilla's nuclear pulse, which he detonated while in the demon's mouth.



  • The doppelganger demon is comparable to Orga in the way that it took the form of Godzilla, attempted to swallow him, and was killed by his nuclear pulse from the inside out.
  • The demon's true form is also a possible reference to the alien creature from John Carpenter's The Thing.

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