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The Transforming Human Series (変身人間シリーズ,   Henshin Ningen Shirīzu), also unofficially known as the "Mutant Trilogy," is a trilogy of science-fiction tokusatsu films produced by Toho from 1958 to 1960.[1] It includes the films The H-Man, The Secret of the Telegian and The Human Vapor. All three films revolve around kaijin, human-like kaiju, that were spawned by some sort of scientific experiment. Although the films do not share continuity, they share many similar premises and themes, and two of them, The H-Man and The Human Vapor, share the same director, Ishiro Honda.


Monsters introduced

Related films

Although they are not officially considered to be a part of the Transforming Human Series, the 1954 film Invisible Man and the 1963 film Matango are both closely related to it. Invisible Man was a primary inspiration for the trilogy of films, while Matango is in many ways a spiritual successor, even being directed by Ishiro Honda.

Unmade films

Frankenstein vs. The Human Vapor

Tomoyuki Tanaka approved production of a sequel to The Human Vapor revolving around Mizuno, having survived the film's ending, encountering Frankenstein's monster. Shinichi Sekizawa submitted a screenplay for the film in 1963, while Ishiro Honda was set to direct and Eiji Tsuburaya was to handle the special effects. The project never materialized, but Toho would go on to feature Frankenstein's monster in their 1965 film Frankenstein vs. Baragon.

Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch

Jun Fukuda, director of The Secret of the Telegian, wrote a screenplay for a follow-up to Invisible Man in 1975. The film would have featured a policeman with the ability to become invisible battling a criminal with the ability to set himself and others on fire. However, the film never saw production.[3]


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