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Toho Company, Limited Monster
A toad in The H-Man
Liquid Toad in The H-Man
Liquid Toad
Nicknames Liquid Frog, H-Toad, H-Frog
Species Irradiated Amphibian
Forms Toad, Liquid Toad
Portrayed Live toad
First Appearance The H-Man
Now the cells have changed. It's no longer a frog. „ 

— Doctor Masada to Inspector Tominaga and Detective Sakata (The H-Man)

The Liquid Toad (液体ガマ,   Ekitai Gama?)[1] is an irradiated toad kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1958 film, The H-Man.


Although the creature is not given a specific name in its sole movie appearance, the Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia lists the toad as Liquid Toad (液体ガマ,   Ekitai Gama?).[1]


The Liquid Toad initially appears as an average toad, with green-yellow skin and brown markings all over its body. However, after being exposed to deadly rays emulating those given off by an H-bomb, the toad transforms into a dark green sludge similar to the H-Man himself.


The H-Man

After the mysterious disappearances of 6 men aboard the "ghost ship" Ryujin Maru II, Inspector Tominaga and Detective Sakata began to investigate by talking to witnesses and consulting a doctor named Masada. The doctor told the men of his theory as to what occurred on the Ryujin Maru, speculating that deadly rays emitted from an H-bomb explosion caused the victims to dissolve into amorphous liquid monsters. In his lab, Dr. Masada demonstrated his theory to the confused detectives by placing a toad in a chamber and exposing it to radiation emulating the rays given off by a hydrogen bomb. He then used a robotic claw to remove the toad from its chamber and placed it in a pan. Immediately, the toad erupted into foam and dissolved into a dark green sludge before their eyes. Masada then told them that the toad's cells had been altered and it was no longer a toad. Soon thereafter, Masada had the detectives examine a slide of the liquified amphibian under a microscope, which revealed that the toad was actually still alive. Despite admitting that the experiment proved Masada's hypothesis was possible, Inspector Tominaga was not convinced by the display and refused to believe that the Liquid Toad could be connected to a "make-believe creature," concluding it to be much too fantastical.


Although the creature originated as nothing but a regular toad, Dr. Masada suggested that upon being dissolved, the Liquid Toad and any other similar liquid organism was capable of becoming a monster and doing untold damage.


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