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Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Scientist
Related to Mr. Bikross (employer),
Megumi Shion (coworker)
First appearance Latest appearance
Guyferd episode 1: "The Birth of Guyferd!" Guyferd episode 8: "Confrontation of Destiny!"
Played by Hideto Shimamura

Minoh (ミノー,   Minō) is a scientist character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd!." He was the creator of the Guyborg program in service of world domination.



"The Birth of Guyferd!"

Minoh was the head of the development of an ultimate cyborg soldier at the evil organization Crown, who sought to use Minoh's creations, dubbed Guyborgs as the ultimate soldier in their plans for world domination. With at least three successfully converted units in operation, Minoh presented his successful project at a board meeting to Mr. Bikross. Unfortunately, the new head of Fallah research, Megumi Shion played footage of three Guyborgs being overpowered by a single Fallah mutant. It was decided that the Fallah and Guyborg programs would be in competition. After it was discovered that Masato Kazama's little brother Go had returned to Japan, he was promised to Minoh by Bikross himself as a subject for the Guyborg program. When one of Shion's Mutians escaped their custody, he quickly dispatched three Guyborgs to deal with the threat, and Shion pitched the encounter as a definitive test of which of their "ultimate troopers" was superior. Unfortunately, all three Guyborgs were defeated if not destroyed.

"In Peril! Go"

While in a board meeting, Bikross revealed that Guyborgs would be used as footsoldiers to accompany the elite task force of Shion's Mutians. Minoh was shocked by this news, protesting that the Guyborg program was at 80% completion and that Mutians were uncontrollable monsters. In light of this, Bikross ordered Shion to work together with Minoh to create brain implants for Mutians to ensure their obedience, but they proved ineffective.


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