Revived Monster Corps

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Revived Monster Corps
Revived Monster Corps
Members Jairock,
King Takoras,
Species Flasher Corps kaiju and kaijin
Allies Grand Flasher, Flashers
Enemies Human No. 1, Human No. 2
First appearance Assault! Human!! Episode 9: Last Moment of King Flasher

The Revived Monster Corps (再生怪獣軍団,   Saisei Kaijū Gundan) are a squadron of revived kaiju and kaijin who first appeared in episode 9 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human!! titled Last Moment of King Flasher.


Assault! Human!!

Last Moment of King Flasher

After Jairock, Zarizon, Blanca, King Takoras, and Gegil's initial deployments (and inevitable defeats), as well as King Flasher's overthrowment, Grand Flasher revived the monsters and unleashed them upon Human No. 1. Although just recently battling Giringa, Human No. 1 put up a valiant effort to fend off Grand Flasher and the monster corps, but was brought to near death. The hero's brother Junjiro then stepped forward to fend off the monsters in Junichiro's place. Onlooking children used a small device on Junjiro, transforming him into Human No. 2. With his newfound powers, Junjiro battled the monsters. Meanwhile, Junichiro was miraculously transported to the Miracle Zone dimension, which revived him and allowed him to return to the front lines. Together, the brothers destroyed the Revived Monster Corps.


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