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A Mutian named Kihara in Guyferd
Leader Crown
Homeworld Earth
Allies Guyborgs, Fangs
Enemies Humans
First appearance Guyferd episode 1,
"The Birth of Guyferd!"
Latest appearance Guyferd episode 6,
"Bloodlust! The Homicidal Sound Waves"

The Mutians (ミューティアン,   Myūtian) are a race of altered humans created by Toho that first appear in the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd.



Mutians are humans who have been mutated by the Fallah virus. The mutation gives them extraordinary abilities, such as improved strength and agility. The forced evolution grants the Mutians the ability to focus their ki into energy bursts and attacks.

They are later succeeded by the Metalferds, Mutian/Guyborg hybrids.

"The Birth of Guyferd!"

After an experiment with the Fallah Virus went horribly wrong and produced the first Mutian from a former Crown scientist named Kihara, Takeo Shiroishi ordered an evacuation and tried to contain her in the laboratory. Kihara however, quickly broke out and turned on her former friend, enraged at having been locked up. A group of three Guyborgs then arrived and one fired two tranquilizer darts into her arm to no effect. They then activated their helmets and began to attack her in hand-to-hand combat. However she proved incredibly strong and fought them away before blasting one Guyborg with a green energy attack. She fired more and missed before dropping dead.

They then forced Michiyuki Taki into Mutian transformation, making him into the Mutian Jerks, who escaped and destroyed the facility before being killed by Guyferd.


Ki manipulation

When an individual is infected with Fallah, they gain the ability to manifest their life energy, or ki, into a physical attack. While any Mutian is capable of this, a ki attack is most effective when a subject has had training in hand to hand combat.


Mutians are easily able to withstand shots from a gun.

Animal adaptations

Most Mutians are treated with animal cells to give them an animalistic appearance and traits.




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