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Godzilla Wiki
Godzilla Wiki's logo, a silhouetted GareGoji Godzilla design with "Godzilla Wiki" in red Godzilla font
Languages Español
Status Active
Run 2010-Present
Launched August 14, 2010
Address http://es.godzilla.wikia.com
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The Godzilla Wiki is a wiki in Spanish hosted by Wikia.com. Godzilla Wiki's main focus, much like Wikizilla's, is documenting the Godzilla franchise.


Godzilla Wiki's name, simply enough, is formed of "Godzilla," its main focus, and "Wiki," the concept it's based around.


The Godzilla Wiki's articles focus exclusively on Godzilla at the moment. The wiki's content is in Spanish, but uses the English and/or international titles and names of Godzilla monsters, films, and other media instead of using any of the assortment of Spanish names for some media. Quite simply, the Godzilla Wiki is Wikizilla translated to Spanish by native speakers of the language.


The Godzilla Wiki was founded by Starstruck457, whose last contribution was on the exact same day he founded the Wiki on. For almost 4 years, the Wiki had no active admins until Wikizilla's Titanollante adopted it on June 19, 2014.


The site was founded on August 14, 2010 and had always been very inactive with a small amount of pages—which were very low quality—until before Legendary Pictures' Godzilla was about a month away from release on most countries in the world. The wiki was revived by Wikia staff members who updated its skin and added pages for all Godzilla films and all Godzilla designs as well as several monster pages. The Godzilla Wiki barely had a community, with only three people who were editing the site (two if the Wikia Staff member CuBaN VeRcEttI is not counted). On June 19, 2014, Titanollante was granted administrator rights on the site after a community poll.


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