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The American Godzilla Wiki
Screenshot of The American Godzilla Wiki's main page taken on August 5, 2014
Languages English
Status Mostly inactive
Run 2012-present
Launched 07:42, September 15, 2012 UTC[1]

The American Godzilla Wiki is an encyclopedia dedicated to everything related to the 1998 film GODZILLA and is hosted by


The American Godzilla Wiki's name comes, simply enough, from "American Godzilla" (a nickname used for the TriStar Godzilla) and "Wiki," with an additional "The" in front.


The American Godzilla Wiki contains over 400 articles exclusively about American Godzilla franchises, though most of it is built around the TriStar-created character Zilla.


The American Godzilla Wiki has only two administrators who are mostly inactive on the site: Varg2000 (formerly "TurokSwe") and Mimic45.


The American Godzilla Wiki is most often criticized for being biased (containing the opinions of the authors inside the articles). The site has also been criticized for plagiarizing Wikizilla on at least 38 articles,[2]which caused the site to be closed down for a short period of time, but it was brought back soon afterward.

Additionally, the site has been vandalized several times in a small amount of time[3]due to administrator inactivity and the fact many people who express a different opinion to the administrators get their comments deleted and their accounts and IP addresses blocked,[4][5]frequently until the year 2099.[5]

Sister wikis

The American Godzilla Wiki has several sister wikis, two of which were created for the sole purpose of trying to replace Wikizilla: Godzilla World Wiki, a wiki about the "Japanese Godzilla," and King Kong World Wiki, a wiki about King Kong — which Wikizilla used to have as some of its main content when it was known as the "Godzilla and King Kong Wiki." Varg2000 created a number of articles that only contained gallery pages and no actual content (thus, the website has trouble getting indexed in search engines and the like) of Godzilla video games exclusively with pictures lifted directly from Wikizilla.[6]



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