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Kaijupedia's logo
Languages English
Status Inactive
Run July 23, 2016 - September 8, 2016
Launched July 23, 2016
Address http://giantmonsters.wikia.com/
godzilla.wikia.com (formerly)
The encyclopedia of all things kaiju anyone can contribute to!

— Kaijupedia's main page

Kaijupedia was a short-lived collaborative kaiju encyclopedia based on the wiki concept and hosted by Wikia.com.


Kaijupedia's name is a portmanteau of the words "Kaiju" (the Japanese word for "monster") and "pedia" (from encyclopedia). Various other names were considered for the site, including "Monsterpedia" and "Kaiju Wiki," but the community voted for the name Kaijupedia.


Kaijupedia was initially launched as Wikizilla on July 22, 2005. When the Wikizilla community chose to become independent from Wikia and move to a new site in 2016, it was decided to change the original site to distinguish it from the new Wikizilla following the move. Wikizilla's staff decided to change the original site into a broader wiki covering all giant monsters, and not specifically focusing on the Godzilla franchise. To coincide with this, all pages not directly concerning giant monsters (such as pages related to Tokusatsu series like Guyferd and Warrior of Love Rainbowman) were deleted from the site, but retained on the new Wikizilla. According to community votes and with approval from Wikia, the site was renamed Kaijupedia, while the new Wikizilla was launched shortly afterward.


Due to being located on the same site as Wikizilla's original home, Kaijupedia shared most of its staff with Wikizilla. However, given Wikia's history of demoting and then reprimanding the staff of wikis that become independent from it, the staff were all demoted en-masse on September 8, 2016.


As mentioned above, Wikia began carrying out a full-scale revert on the website in early September 2016 in an attempt to undo any detrimental changes that were enacted by the staff in order to render it inferior to the new Wikizilla. In June 2017, the website was renamed Gojipedia.


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