Common Knowledge of Godzilla

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Common Knowledge of Godzilla
Common Knowledge of Godzilla
Publisher Futabasha
Publish date July 2, 2014
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4575306967
ISBN-13: 978-4575306965

Common Knowledge of Godzilla (ゴジラの常識,   Gojira no Jōshiki) is a 2014 book that gives information on the Godzilla movies as well as other Toho kaiju films.


Common Knowledge of Godzilla was released on July 2, 2014 and published by Futabasha. The book has 196 pages in B6 paper size and in full color for the first half (which focuses on Godzilla) and in full color except for yellow for the non-Godzilla half.

It contains information on every Japanese Godzilla movie up to Godzilla Final Wars plus Toho kaiju films such as Mothra and Rodan; showcasing data such as the film's release date, whether it's in color, and its runtime, along with a description of the film's plot, the monsters, alien races or vehicles featured in the movie, and other general information about the film. In addition, there are interstitial sections with trivia and other miscellaneous information.


"廉価版“常識シリーズ"にいよいよゴジラが登場! 今年60周年を迎えた全ゴジラシリーズを始め、モスラなど人気怪獣を主役とした「東宝怪獣映画」を様々な角度から振り返る。 7月より上映されるハリウッドリメイク版『GODZILLA』を観るのが10倍楽しくなる!

"内容(「BOOK」データベースより) ゴジラの語源は実在した人物のニックネーム?モスラの卵のお値段は?ゴジラが放った懐かしい昭和ギャグとは?ゴジラが襲った日本名所案内、9年ぶりに復活したゴジラは昭和編とどこが違うのか?ゴジラの細胞から作られた怪獣が強いわけ、平成編キングギドラの意外な正体、「ゴジラ死す!」でファンに衝撃が走る!東宝特撮映画怪獣スーツアクター列伝、国民的スター「ザ・ピーナッツ」が小美人に!ラドンは翼竜プテラノドンが突然変異した怪獣?改造巨人フランケンシュタインは本当は心がやさしい?悪の天才学者ドクター・フーのヒミツ、幻の東宝怪獣映画を追ってetc.昭和・平成全ゴジラ28作品徹底解剖!!ラドン、バラン、モスラ…東宝映画で活躍した懐かしの人気怪獣142体も完全紹介!"[1]


The Heisei Godzilla films and the Millennium Godzilla films are both placed under the "Heisei Godzilla Section."


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