Showa Mechagodzilla Steel Encyclopedia

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Showa Mechagodzilla
Steel Encyclopedia
Showa Mechagodzilla Steel Encyclopedia
Publisher Yosensha
Publish date March 6, 2019[a]
Genre Informational, production

The Showa Mechagodzilla Steel Encyclopedia (別冊映画秘宝 昭和メカゴジラ鋼鉄図鑑,   Bessatsu Eiga Hihō Shōwa Mekagojira Kōtetsu Zukan, lit. Supplementary Movie Treasure: Showa Mechagodzilla Steel Encyclopedia) is a Japanese informational mook published by Yosensha which focuses on the Mechagodzillas of the Showa era and all of their various aspects.


A part of the Supplementary Movie Treasure series, the mook was published by Yosensha on March 6, 2019. Read from right to left, it is 159 pages long.


  • Showa Mechagodzilla Introductory Color Gallery 昭和メカゴジラ入門 カラーギャラリー (p. 2)
  • The Birth of Mechagodzilla メカゴジラの誕生 (p. 14)
    • Design and Modeling デザインと造形
    • The Search for Paint 塗装の探求
    • Birth of the Silver and Rainbow Suits 白銀と虹のスーツ誕生
    • Making メイキング
    • Released Snapshots 蔵出しスナップ
    • The World of Miniature Work ミニチュアワークの世界
    • Stage Mechagodzilla ステージのメカゴジラ
  • The 45th Year of Akihiko: Akihiko Iguchi's Drawn Down Mechagodzilla 45年目の亜㐂比古 井口昭彦の描き下ろしメカゴジラ (p. 32)
  • Birth of the Showa Mechagodzilla 昭和メカゴジラの誕生 (p. 33)
  • Monochrome Gallery モノクロギャラリー (p. 34)
    • Mechagodzilla
    • Mechagodzilla 2
    • Mechagodzilla's Rivals メカゴジラのライバルたち
  • Legend Interview: Special Effects Director Teruyoshi Nakano レジェンドインタビュー 特技監督 中野昭慶 (p. 63)
  • First Time Release! Famous Scenes as Seen in Nakano's Storyboards 初公開!中野コンテで見る名シーン (p. 68)
  • Study of Mechagodzilla: Explosions! Flames! Smoke! Explanation of Special Effects Techniques メカゴジラの学習 爆発!炎!煙!特技効果のテクニックを解説 (p. 72)
  • Conversation: Modeling Master Nobuyuki Yasumaru × Restoration Master Tomoo Haraguchi 対談 造形師 安丸信行 × 修復師 原口智生 (p. 74)
  • Measurements of Mechagodzilla メカゴジラの計測 (p. 78)
  • Designer Akihiko Iguchi デザイナー 井口昭彦 (p. 80)
  • Legends of Mechagodzilla メカゴジラのレジェンドたち (p. 83)
  • Published Special Effects Team Shooting Schedule 特撮班撮影スケジュール掲載 (p. 90)
  • Special Interviews: Villains of Showa Mechagodzilla スペシャルインタビュー 昭和メカゴジラの悪役たち
  • Manga "Secret Monster Detectives! Business Trip Edition! Do You Know "Mechani-Godzilla?""'s Reijiro Kato 『マボロシ怪獣探偵団!出張版!キミは「メカニゴジラ」を知っているか?』加藤礼次朗 (p. 100)
  • Study of Mechagodzilla: Explanation of the Music of Showa Mechagodzilla メカゴジラの学習 昭和メカゴジラの音楽解説 (p. 102)
  • Preparatory and Final Drafts Fully Published 準備稿・決定稿全掲載
    • (p. 103) Showa Mechagodzilla Battle Map 昭和メカゴジラ激闘マップ
    • (p. 104) Preparatory Draft: Showdown in Zanpamisaki: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
    • (p. 110) Final Draft: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
    • (p. 116) Preparatory Draft 2: Terror of Mechagodzilla
    • (p. 122) Revised Draft 4: Terror of Mechagodzilla
  • Study of Mechagodzilla: Explanation of the Changes to the 2 Works' Screenplays メカゴジラの学習 2作品脚本の変遷解説 (p. 127)
  • Showa MG Newspaper 昭和MG新聞 (p. 128)
  • Showa Mechagodzilla History Building 昭和メカゴジラ歴史館 (p. 129)
  • Promotional Material Collection Gallery 宣材コレクションギャラリー (p. 130)
  • MG Thorough Detail Research: Attacking the Showa Suits from Every Direction MGディテール徹底研究 昭和スーツを全方位攻撃する! (p. 135)
  • Showa Mechagodzilla Goods Building 昭和メカゴジラ 大グッズ館 (p. 140)
    • Bullmark Toys
    • Retro Sofubi
    • Realtoys
    • Plastic Models
    • Mechanical Toys
    • Mini-toys & Variety
    • Books, Printed Materials, Media
  • Showa Mechagodzilla Art Building 昭和メカゴジラ アート館 (p. 154)
  • Bromide Card Collection ブロマイドカードコレクション (p. 155)
  • Work Information 作品情報 (p. 159)


  1. Publication information in the mook lists its date of publication as April 6, 2019.


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