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Rodan Incarnations
Heisei Rodan
Millennium Rodan
MonsterVerse Rodan
Rodan™ (Millennium) copyright icon Toho Company, Limited Monster
Rodan in Godzilla: Final Wars
Rodan (Millennium)
Alternate Names Radon, Rado
Subtitle Giant Monster of the Sky
(空の大怪獣,   Sora no Daikaijū)
Species Giant Pteranodon
Height 100 meters[1]
Wingspan 200 meters[1]
Weight 30,000 metric tons[1]
Controlled by Xiliens
Allies Anguirus, King Caesar
Enemies Godzilla
Portrayed by Naoko Kamio
First Appearance Godzilla: Final Wars
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The Millennium Rodan (ラドン,   Radon) is an incarnation of Rodan that appeared in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Final Wars.

A mind-controlled pawn of the Xiliens, Rodan appeared in the skies over New York, destroying the plane carrying United Nations Secretary General Naotarô Daigo and allowing him to be captured by the Xiliens. Rodan devastated New York before being recalled by the Xiliens as they posed as mankind's savior. When their true colors were exposed, the Xiliens unleashed Rodan and their other mind controlled kaiju across the globe. Rodan resumed his destruction of New York, and was then deployed to Mount Fuji alongside Anguirus and King Caesar to battle Godzilla. The combined might of all three monsters was not enough to bring down Godzilla, who knocked them all unconscious and stacked them in a pile before continuing on his way.


Rodan's Japanese name, Radon, is a truncation of "Pteranodon." It may also have been chosen to suggest radiation. The name was changed to "Rodan" in English-speaking markets, possibly to avoid confusion with the element Radon. Toho eventually trademarked the name "Rodan," making it the monster's official English name.


The Millennium Rodan is made to closely resemble the 1956 Rodan design, with large wings, spiky armored plates on his chest, a long neck and two horns on the back of his head. Unique aspects of this Rodan's design include his orange-colored skin, especially long neck and legs, upward-slanted horns, and green eyes. This Rodan's body is considerably slimmer, and his armor chest plating is yellow in color and extends down to his legs. Rodan has pronounced fingers on his wings.


This incarnation of Rodan is mind-controlled throughout his appearance, and attacks New York under the command of the Xiliens. He is later sent by the Xiliens to attack Godzilla alongside King Caesar and Anguirus. Rodan coordinates his attacks with Anguirus and King Caesar to try and defeat Godzilla. After Rodan and his allies are defeated, they are spared by Godzilla for unknown reasons, while Godzilla killed all of the Xiliens' other monsters.


This Rodan's origins are unknown. He suddenly appears in New York under the control of the Xiliens in the year 20XX, but the Earth Defense Force recognizes him and refers to him by name, suggesting he has appeared in the past.


In the year 20XX, Rodan was taken control of by the Xiliens, along with many of Earth's monsters. The Xiliens unleashed Rodan upon New York City. Rodan first destroyed the United Nations Secretary General's plane, then descended into the city. Rodan ravaged the city with his supersonic abilities and battled the Earth Defense Force warship Rumbling, but was suddenly teleported away by the Xiliens, who were pretending to "save" mankind from the monsters. When their true colors were discovered by the EDF, the Xiliens redeployed their monsters, with Rodan resuming his attack on New York. Rodan destroyed the Rumbling when it attacked him again, and continued his destruction of New York unopposed.

When the EDF's remaining warship, the Gotengo, freed Godzilla from his prison in Antarctica, the Xilien leader the Controller of Planet X unleashed his monsters one after another to try and defeat the King of the Monsters. Godzilla defeated the Xiliens' pawns, and eventually reached Mount Fuji. The Controller unleashed Rodan, Anguirus and King Caesar all at once, who proceeded to attack Godzilla. When Anguirus curled into a ball and tried to ram into Godzilla, Godzilla hit him with his tail, sending him slamming into Rodan as he was flying overhead. Rodan fell from the sky and was knocked unconscious upon striking the ground. Godzilla then defeated both Anguirus and King Caesar, knocking them unconscious and stacking them on top of Rodan. Rather than destroy his helpless foes, Godzilla simply roared victoriously and continued on his way, leaving Rodan and his allies unconscious on the ground.


Supersonic Flight

Rodan flies at supersonic speed.

Rodan can fly at supersonic speeds, leaving a trail of destructive sonic booms in his wake. Rodan can destroy aircraft or buildings simply by flying over them.

Chest Spikes

The spikes on Rodan's armored chest can be used as weapons in combat. Rodan uses these spikes to attack the Rumbling, flying near it and slamming it with his chest spikes.


Rodan is easily knocked out during his battle with Godzilla, being knocked out of the sky by Anguirus and falling unconscious upon striking the ground.


Video Games


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Rodan's roars in Godzilla: Final Wars


  • This is the first and for far only incarnation of Rodan to be portrayed by a woman, being played by suit actress Naoko Kamio, who also portrayed Minilla in the same film.
  • The Millennium Rodan is so far the largest incarnation of Rodan to appear in a film, standing 100 meters tall with a 200 meter wingspan and weighing 30,000 metric tons.
  • Rodan, Anguirus and King Caesar are the only enemy monsters to be spared by Godzilla in Godzilla: Final Wars. This may be a nod to their status as Godzilla's allies in the Showa series.


This is a list of references for Rodan/Millennium. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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