The Gransazers Super Complete Works

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The Gransazers Super Complete Works
The Gransazers Super Complete Works
Edited by Satoshi Murai, Kiminori Nakamura
Publisher Shogakukan
Publish date November 10, 2004
Pages 104
Genre Informational
ISBN ISBN-10: 4-09-101497-6

The Gransazers Super Complete Works (超星神グランセイザー超全集,   Chōseishin Guranseizā Chōzenshū) is a Japanese informational book published by Shogakukan on November 10, 2004. Released as a Collector's Edition in the company's Televi-Kun Deluxe line, it profiles the heroes, monsters, devices, and mecha from the 2003 tokusatsu series The Gransazers, along with full synopses of the show's 51 episodes and first two direct-to-video specials, and a smattering of both canonical and real-world information. It is the only of the Super Complete Works books to cover an Ultra Star God Series entry.


  • Special Poster 特製ポスター (p. 3)
  • What are the Gransazers? グランセイザーとは? (p. 10)
  • The Space Alliance Wouf Manafe 宇宙連合ウオフ・マナフ (p. 12)
  • Fire Tribe 炎のトライブ
  • Wind Tribe 風のトライブ
  • Earth Tribe 大地のトライブ
  • Water Tribe 水のトライブ
  • Ultra Star God Guntras 超星神ガントラス (p. 53)
  • Combined God Beast King Daisazer 合神獣王ダイセイザー (p. 54)
  • Ultra Star Carrier Cloud Dragon 超星獣連クラウドドラゴン (p. 56)
  • Type-05 GS Assist Robot Youhi / Ministry of Defense 五式支援機士ユウヒ/国防省 (p. 58)
  • Envoys of the Space Alliance Wouf Manafe 宇宙連合ウオフ・マナフの使者たち (p. 60)
  • Complete Episode Guide 全エピソードガイド (p. 70)
  • Shogakukan Complementary Member's Videos 小学館全員サービスビデオ (p. 88)
  • The Gransazers Perfect Guide 超星神グランセイザー完全攻略 (p. 89)
  • Closing in on the Mysterious Battle from 400 Million Years Ago!! 4億年前の戦いの謎に迫る!! (p. 94)
  • The Glory and Failure of the Impactors インパクター星人の栄光と挫折 (p. 98)
  • Publishing of the Premium Battle Stage's Grand Opening プレミアムバトルステージ誌上大公開 (p. 100)
  • Broadcast List 放送リスト (p. 102)


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