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Since Godzilla
Since Godzilla
Publisher Rikuyosha Co. Ltd
Publish date April 20, 2002
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4897374472
ISBN-13: 978-4897374475

Since Godzilla (ゴジラの時代,   Gojira no Jidai, lit. Age of Godzilla) is a 2002 informational book.


The book was published by Rikuyosha Co. Ltd, on April 20, 2002 and has 52 pages. Read from left to right, it contains general information on all the Godzilla films up to GMK, and some other tidbits such as the usage of the suffix -zilla in the United States.[1]


  • Godzilla and the World by Takeshi Yoro ゴジラと社会 養老孟司 (p. 2)
  • Godzilla vs. Art Gallery by Keinosuke Murata ゴジラVS美術館 村田慶之輔 (p. 4)
  • Age of Godzilla Sentence Structure by Koji Osugi ゴジラの時代 構成・文=大杉浩司 (p. 5)
  • Post-World War II - 1959 戦後 - 1959 (p. 5)
    • (p. 7) Dark Shadow of the War of Two "Godzilla" Theory by Saburo Kawamoto 二つの戦争の暗い影「ゴジラ」論 川本三郎
    • (p. 8) Godzilla Birth Document
    • (p. 12) "Godzilla" (1954 Work) Story 『ゴジラ』(1959年作品)ストーリー
    • (p. 16) The Glory and Misery of Child-like Films by Toshio Takahashi お子様映画の栄光と悲惨 高橋敏夫
  • 1960 - 1969 (p. 18)
    • (p. 24) ゴジラ 時代の無意識の写し鏡として 香山リカ
  • 1970 - 1979 (p. 26)
    • (p. 30) Why Godzilla Aims for the City by Shinya Hashidzume ゴジラはなぜ都市をめざすのか 橋爪伸也
  • 1980 - 1989 (p. 32)
  • 1990 - 1999 (p. 36)
    • (p. 46) Godzilla and America—The Birth of a New Species by Peter Musolf ゴジラとアメリカ—新しい種の誕生 ピーター・ミュソッフ
    • (p. 48) Godzilla-Related Books ゴジラ関連書籍



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