The Godzilla Art of KAIDA Yuji

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The Godzilla Art of KAIDA Yuji
The cover of The Godzilla Art of KAIDA Yuji
The cover of Godzilla Illustrations
Author(s) Yuji Kaida (Japanese);
Cody Carpenter (translator)[1]
Publisher AspectJP, Titan Booksint'l[2]
Publish date July 29, 2014JP,
November 30, 2021UK,[2]
December 7, 2021US[2]
Pages 128
Genre Nonfiction, art
ISBN Japanese: 978-4-7572-2347-9
English: 978-1-7890-9790-0

The Godzilla Art of KAIDA Yuji is an art book consisting of Godzilla- and Toho tokusatsu-related illustrations by Japanese artist Yuji Kaida. The book was originally released in Japan by Aspect on July 29, 2014 under the name Godzilla Illustrations (ゴジラ・イラストレーションズ,   Gojira Irasutorēshonzu). An English translation by Cody Carpenter[1] was released internationally by Titan Books in 2021.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Marvel at this spectacular collection of full-colour graphic art of Godzilla and other Toho movie monsters by renowned artist KAIDA Yuji.

For fans of big-screen monster films, KAIDA Yuji is a very well known name. Best known for his vivid illustrations of Godzilla and other popular Toho kaiju, some of Mr KAIDA's most beautiful work is presented here in this full-color flexicover volume. This book's 128 pages are packed with lush artwork, including a brand new piece showing Godzilla in London, created especially for this book. Whether you are an admirer of this Japanese master's work or just a fan of monster movie art, this book is an essential purchase!

Contents[edit | edit source]

Contents of Japanese version:

  • GODZILLA ILLUSTRATIONS ゴジラ・イラストレーションズ (p. 5)
  • TOHO MONSTERS ILLUSTRATIONS 東宝怪獣イラストレーションズ (p. 51)
  • TOHO EXTRA ILLUSTRATIONS 東宝エクストラ・イラストレーションズ (p. 87)
  • MAKING OF GODZILLA ILLUSTRATION ゴジラの描き方(「ゴジラ・イラストレーションズ」カバーイラストより) (p. 105)
  • NOTES ON GODZILLA ILLUSTRATIONS 作者自身による全作品解説 (p. 109)
  • LONG INTERVIEW WITH YUJI KAIDA 開田裕治、ゴジラを語る (p. 118)

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Videos[edit | edit source]

Flip through of the Japanese version

References[edit | edit source]

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