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Godzilla Incarnations
Kiryu Saga Godzilla
Godzilla (2004)
Godzilla (MonsterVerse)
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Godzilla® (2004)
Godzilla in Godzilla: Final Wars
Alternate names Gojira, King of the Monsters, G, Goji, Final Godzilla, Final Wars Godzilla, Godzilla 2004, FinalGoji, FWGoji, Godzilla 2005[1]
Subtitle(s) King of the Monsters (怪獣王,   Kaijūō)[2]
Earth's Ultimate Weapon
(地球最終兵器,   Chikyū Saishū Heiki)[3]
Species Irradiated prehistoric amphibious reptile
Height 100 meters[2][4]
Length 100 meters (Tail)[2][4]
Weight 55,000 metric tons[2][4][5]
Relations Minilla (son)
Allies Mothra, Minilla
Enemies Gigan, Zilla, Kumonga, Kamacuras, Anguirus, King Caesar, Rodan, Ebirah, Hedorah, Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah
Created by Ishiro Honda, Tomoyuki Tanaka, Eiji Tsuburaya, Wataru Mimura, Ryuhei Kitamura
Played by Tsutomu Kitagawa
First appearance Godzilla: Final Wars
Design(s) FinalGoji
Listen kid, there's two things you don't know about the Earth. One is me, and the other... is Godzilla.

Captain Douglas Gordon (Godzilla: Final Wars)

Final Godzilla (ファイナルゴジラ,   Fainaru Gojira) is a kaiju that appeared in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Final Wars.

It is the fifth and final incarnation of Godzilla to appear in the Millennium series of films and the ninth onscreen incarnation of the character overall. This Godzilla first appeared in 1954, and became the most fearsome enemy of mankind over the following decades. The Earth Defense Force was formed to battle Godzilla and the other monsters that threatened the world, but could never defeat Godzilla until one fateful battle where the Gotengo managed to seal Godzilla under an ice sheet in Antarctica. When a malevolent alien force known as the Xiliens took control of Earth's monsters and unleashed them against mankind in the year 20XX, the last remnants of the EDF freed Godzilla from his prison and used the Gotengo to lure him across the globe, where he defeated the Xiliens' army of monsters one-by-one. Godzilla finally reached Tokyo, where he took on the Xiliens' ultimate weapon: Monster X. Godzilla was nearly killed when Monster X transformed into Keizer Ghidorah, but the Gotengo successfully imbued him with energy and allowed him to triumph over his extraterrestrial foe. Godzilla was then convinced to end his feud with humanity by his son Minilla, and returned to the sea without further conflict.


The name "Godzilla" is a transliteration of Gojira (ゴジラ), a combination of two Japanese words: gorira (ゴリラ), meaning gorilla, and kujira (鯨 or クジラ), meaning whale. At one planning stage of the original film, the concept of "Gojira" was described as "a cross between a gorilla and a whale." The two words "whale" and "gorilla" describe Godzilla's traditional characteristics. The word whale represents his aquatic lifestyle and his bulky size. The word gorilla represents his sheer strength and the strategic thinking he uses when fighting against other monsters.

Contrary to popular belief, the name "Godzilla" is not the idea of the American distributor. Before Toho sold the original film to US distributors, Toho's international division had originally marketed an English-subtitled print under the title of Godzilla, King of the Monsters!, which was shown briefly in Japanese-American theaters. Toho came up with "Godzilla" as an English transliteration of the name "Gojira"." The Japanese-to-English translation method of the Americans in the 1950's also proved that Godzilla was the correct English translation of Gojira.


Main article: FinalGoji.

The Final Wars Godzilla's design is somewhat of an amalgamation of many previous designs. This Godzilla possesses the traditional charcoal gray skin and bone white dorsal fins, as well as a pointed reptilian face similar to the other Millennium Godzillas. This Godzilla is much slimmer in build than most past designs, and his dorsal plates are slightly smaller and less pronounced than the other Millennium designs. He has small eyes with a mixture of red, orange, and yellow sclera.


The Final Wars Godzilla is depicted as an anti-hero similar to the Heisei Godzilla. According to the film's opening narration, Godzilla was the greatest enemy mankind ever faced, prior to his being sealed in Antarctica. After being released from Area G, Godzilla is lured around the globe by the Gotengo, the warship that sealed him, believing his final battle with it is still going on. Along the way, Godzilla fights and defeats the Xiliens' army of mind-controlled monsters. At one point, Godzilla takes the time to destroy a city after defeating Kamacuras, with one character remarking that long ago, humanity did something horrible that angered Godzilla, which is why he attacks them. Following the final battle against Keizer Ghidorah, Godzilla shoots down the Gotengo and prepares to kill its crew, only to be convinced to stand down by Minilla. Godzilla then returns to the ocean with Minilla without any further conflict.


The Final Wars Godzilla was awakened by nuclear testing in 1954, and declared war on humanity as revenge. The Earth Defense Force was formed to combat Godzilla and the numerous other kaiju that appeared over the years, but was never able to defeat Godzilla. Finally, the EDF lured Godzilla to Antarctica for a final confrontation, with the Gotengo managing to seal Godzilla underneath the ice. Area G was constructed around Godzilla's icy prison, and he remained trapped there until the year 20XX.


Millennium era

Godzilla: Final Wars

In 1954, nuclear testing awakened the monster Godzilla, the most powerful enemy mankind ever faced. The international military organization known as the Earth Defense Force (EDF) was formed to combat Godzilla and other giant monsters that appeared over the following years, but it could never defeat Godzilla. Eventually, the EDF lured Godzilla to Antarctica for a final showdown. Godzilla easily defeated the EDF's Maser Cannons it had stationed there, but found himself under attack by the advanced warship the Gotengo. Godzilla shot down the Gotengo with his atomic breath, but before he could finish it he fell into a crack in the ice. Young Gotengo crewmember Douglas Gordon fired a missile at a nearby slope, causing Godzilla to be buried under tons of ice and cold water, freezing him solid. The facility known as Area G was constructed around Godzilla's icy prison, and the monster remained trapped for decades to come.

In the year 20XX, an alien force known as the Xiliens had invaded Earth and taken control of all of the planet's monsters, using them to destroy major cities around the globe. The Gotengo, piloted by Gordon and staffed with all of the EDF's remaining forces, flew to Area G and used its missiles to free Godzilla, believing him the only force capable of defeating the Xiliens' monster army. Godzilla emerged from his icy prison, and was immediately attacked by the Xiliens' cyborg monster Gigan. Gigan wrapped Godzilla in barbed wire, but Godzilla blasted the monster's head off with his atomic breath. Believing his battle with the Gotengo from decades ago was still going on, Godzilla chased the ship to Australia. In Sydney, Godzilla found himself attacked by the monster Zilla, which lunged at him. Godzilla used his tail to smack Zilla into the Sydney Opera House, then finished his opponent with a blast of atomic breath. Godzilla then traveled to New Guinea, where he fought Kumonga. Godzilla grabbed a thread of Kumonga's web and tossed the giant spider over the horizon before continuing on his way. After reaching the Kanto region of Japan, Godzilla encountered Kamacuras. Godzilla fired his atomic breath at the monster, which dodged the beam and flew at him. Godzilla simply grabbed Kamacuras and threw it at an electrical tower, which impaled and killed it. As Godzilla marched further inland he reached Mount Fuji, where the Xiliens deployed Anguirus, Rodan and King Caesar against him. Godzilla proved to be more than a match for the three opponents, and defeated them one-by-one, stacking their unconscious bodies on top of each other. Godzilla reached Tokyo Bay, where he was attacked by Hedorah and Ebirah. Godzilla tossed both monsters out of the bay with his atomic breath, causing Ebirah's claw to impale Hedorah's eye. With both monsters immobilized, Godzilla fired his atomic breath at them and destroyed them both.

After finally reaching Tokyo, Godzilla saw the asteroid Gorath hurdling toward the city. Godzilla planted his feet and fired his atomic breath at Gorath, causing the asteroid to explode in the skies over Tokyo, reducing the city to a crater. As Godzilla stood in the ruins of Tokyo, Monster X levitated to the ground behind him. Godzilla attacked this new monster, but found it was more than a match for him, fighting with incredible speed and ferocity. Mothra flew to Tokyo to assist Godzilla, but was intercepted by the repaired and modified Gigan. Gigan sliced Mothra's wing with his chainsaw hand, then began to help Monster X fight Godzilla. Monster X held Godzilla from behind while Gigan sliced his chest with his chainsaws. Godzilla moved out of the way and caused Gigan to strike Monster X instead, causing him to release him. Mothra then flew by and knocked both Monster X and Gigan to the ground. Gigan pursued Mothra again, but was killed when his razor discs accidentally sliced his head off and Mothra flew into him and exploded. Godzilla and Monster X resumed their one-on-one battle, with Godzilla finally gaining the upper hand. Godzilla pinned Monster X to the ground and pummeled him mercilessly. When the Xilien Mothership self-destructed, Godzilla and Monster X fired their beams at each other, which locked in the air. The beams exploded, knocking the monsters to opposite sides of the city. Suddenly, Monster X transformed into Keizer Ghidorah, which was much larger and more powerful than Godzilla. Godzilla fired his atomic breath at Keizer Ghidorah, but the creature's gravity beams overpowered Godzilla's beam. Keizer Ghidorah used its telekinetic gravity beams to toss Godzilla across the ruined cityscape, then began to kick the fallen Godzilla in the head repeatedly. Finally, Keizer Ghidorah grabbed Godzilla with hits mouths and began draining his energy. When the Gotengo flew past the monsters, its crewmembers realized they needed to help Godzilla. Shinichi Ozaki used the ship's Maser Cannon to fire his Keizer energy into Godzilla's dorsal fins, reinvigorating him. Godzilla released a shockwave that forced Keizer Ghidorah to release him, then destroyed the beast's middle head with his atomic breath. When another head tried to fire a gravity beam at Godzilla, Godzilla pulled the other head in front of the beam, severing it. Godzilla grabbed the maimed Keizer Ghidorah by its remaining head and slammed it up and down before throwing the monster into the air. Godzilla fired his spiral red heat beam at Keizer Ghidorah, pushing it into outer space, where it exploded.

Godzilla turned towards the Gotengo and shot it down with his atomic breath. As the ship's crew exited and aimed their weapons at Godzilla, Minilla suddenly ran into the city. Minilla stood in front of Godzilla, holding out his arms and blocking him from attacking the humans. Godzilla finally forgave humanity and turned around and walked out to the sea. Minilla followed after Godzilla, but not before firing a blast of atomic breath into the air. As Godzilla and Minilla waded out into the sunset, Godzilla turned and roared out one last time.


Atomic Breath

Godzilla fires his atomic breath

Godzilla's most iconic and powerful ability is his trademark atomic breath. When Godzilla prepares his atomic breath, his dorsal fins give off an intense blue glow, after which Godzilla fires a blue beam of radiation from his mouth. This beam is depicted as being extremely powerful, as it is capable of dispatching or killing most of Godzilla's enemies in a single hit. The only exception is Monster X, who easily resisted the attack.

Additionally, Godzilla possesses a variation named the Hyper Spiral Heat Ray (ハイパースパイラル熱線). Godzilla uses this atomic breath to blast and destroy the Gorath asteroid as it approaches the Earth, with pinpoint accuracy.

The Final Wars Godzilla also possesses the powerful red spiral variant of his atomic breath known as the Burning G Spark Heat Ray (バーニングGスパーク熱線). This beam is used after Godzilla has been supercharged with Shinichi Ozaki's Keizer energy, in order to push Keizer Ghidorah into the edge of space and destroy him.

Physical abilities

The Final Wars Godzilla possesses immense physical strength and surprisingly quick reflexes, allowing him to easily overpower most of his opponents in physical combat. He also possesses nearly limitless stamina, as he travels the globe and battles the other monsters without becoming exhausted. He is capable of fighting with his hands and feet as well as with his tail, shown when he uses his tail to smack Zilla into the Sydney Opera House when the latter attempts to pounce at him. Monster X proves to be the only opponent who can match Godzilla's strength and even overpower him. Godzilla's most impressive feat of strength may be when he picks up and throws Keizer Ghidorah, who weighs a massive 100,000 metric tons, nearly twice as heavy as Godzilla himself.


Another one of this Godzilla's most powerful assets is his resistance to injury. Godzilla remains mostly unfazed by all of the attacks his opponents use against him, allowing him to easily withstand their assaults and immediately counter and defeat them. The only enemies in Godzilla: Final Wars who are shown successfully injuring Godzilla are Gigan and Monster X.


Being amphibious, Godzilla is adapted for living both on land and underwater. Godzilla is shown to have battled Ebirah underwater during the film, as he at one point blasts Ebirah out of Tokyo Bay with his atomic breath


Godzilla employs strategy in battle against his opponents, quickly discovering their weaknesses and using them to his advantage. Godzilla also understands Minilla standing in front of the humans as meaning that they are not threats.


The Final Wars Godzilla does not demonstrate many weaknesses during the film, except during his final battle against Monster X. Unlike Godzilla's other opponents, Monster X is resistant to Godzilla's atomic breath and is able to match and exceed Godzilla's physical strength. Monster X's eye beams are shown causing Godzilla pain, and he is also shown injuring Godzilla when he suspends Godzilla in the air by his hands. Godzilla is also severely overwhelmed when he is attacked by both Monster X and Modified Gigan at the same time, as Monster X is able to hold Godzilla still from behind while Gigan slashes his chest with his chainsaw hands. Godzilla is also nearly killed when Monster X transforms into Keizer Ghidorah, who is able to kick and blast Godzilla across the ruins of Tokyo, before biting down on Godzilla and draining his life force. Godzilla was only able to survive his battle with Monster X and Keizer Ghidorah due to the intervention of Mothra and the crew of the Gotengo.


Video games

Godzilla (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4)

Kaiju Guide

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Godzilla's roars in the Millennium series


  • Like the Godzilla from Godzilla 2000: Millennium, the Final Wars Godzilla is often mistakenly believed to be the adult Godzilla Junior from the end of Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, due to the monsters in Godzilla: Final Wars being scaled to 100 meters like in the Heisei series and stock footage of the adult Junior being shown during the film's opening credits. However, it is important to note that Final Wars is set in its own continuity that is completely unconnected to the Heisei series, and the Final Wars Godzilla is stated to have first appeared in 1954, while Godzilla Junior was not born until 1994.
  • The Final Wars Godzilla is the tallest Godzilla in the Millennium series, standing at 100 meters, the same height as the Heisei Godzilla.


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