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New Kaiju Creations for Daikaiju Dynasty

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I’m starting to consider having new, never-before-seen-onscreen kaiju species for the series. Especially since there’re so many fauna to get inspiration from, but never truly get used.

For starters, a very basal monkey with platyrrhine (New World monkey) and cercopithecid (Old Word monkey) features. Like, a papionine-type (*mandrill/drill/gelada/Dinopithecus*) with a spider monkey-like prehensile tail with a black-and-white colobus-type tail tuft (*which can be tightly-wrapped around the waist, during close-quarters combat; similarly to the Universe 7 Saiyans from Dragon Ball*) and howler monkey-like vocals. Excluding the masses of fur and facial colorations, the most striking feature is its thick skull and jagged bosses (*nasal bosses on the colorful muzzle, brow bosses, and dorsal hand and feet bosses*). The more facial bosses are used for the combative measure of “facebutting.” Both genders bear the various bosses, but the males have larger ones.